Lump or duct?

So I was having some nipple pain the other day while nursing DS2 (almost 5 months) and I squeezed my breast close to the nipple (I flattened it like a sandwich) and felt an oval shaped squishy mass, about the size and feel of a grape but not that hard. It's definitely new and I don't have that same feel in the left side. I have had blocked ducts before with both DS1 and DS2 and they felt different and I could feel them without having to squeeze down. Can you get plugged ducts in the middle fleshy part of your breast? I really don't feel like going to the doc if it's just a plugged duct and will clear. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this or if it's even possible before I worry that it is something worse or unrelated to nursing. Also not sure if it makes a difference or anything but the nipple on the affected side is inverted, but it's been like that for years now so I think it's a non-factor.


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Re: Lump or duct?

  • If it's a plugged duct rubbing the spot with some pressure, warm compresses, etc. could help it maybe. If it's a lump that won't change it.

    If you think it's a lump you can always get it checked out and if they feel the need they can do an ultrasound. I have a family history and have had three biopsies (all benign), but if there's any worry best to just get it looked at. My dr.s have always been supportive of my hypochondriac like lump findings! But nursing definitely changes your breasts, so it could likely be normal changes!

    I hope it clears up soon!
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