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Soothie Warning

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There was a post going around FB warning about Soothie Pacifiers (wanted to post it but now I cant find it). 

Long story short babies thumbs can get stuck in them and cut off circulation.  The story is of a mother whose baby regularly uses a soothie at night when sleeping and when she went to get him one morning she noticed his thumb in the soothie.  When she took off the soothie circulation had been cut to the finger all night and the finger was dark blue almost black.  After rushing to the hospital they were able to keep the finger but doctors reported much longer and the finger would've had to be amputated.

My LO never took a pacifier but now uses it as her favorite teething toy.  Even before this post went out I noticed she gets it stuck on her finger.  So I make sure to watch her and take it off as needed.  She is also able to get it off herself by rubbing it against her or on the carpet.  But something to keep an eye on for mamas who were unaware or leave their LO's in their crib with them.

As if we needed any more things to worry about right ;)

I attempted to post a pix of a soothie below


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