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For those of you who have more than one child what is the age gap between your children? If you don't have kids yet but plan to have more than one, how far apart would you like them to be? After originally thinking we were one and done I did a complete 180 to wanting 2 under 2 but my ute didn't cooperate. Curious to see the spacing others have or want.

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  • My big kids are 22mos apart- total accident. I think it's perfect! The lil 'uns are 30 months apart. The older ones have always seemed much closer in age. I like 22 months. :)
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  • The first one wil have to be almost in school, kindergarten, before we start on number two.
    I don't know how people do more then 1 in diapers and all that at once.


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  • What @Emerald27 said. Planning your child spacing is easier said than done.  If my plans would have worked out, I would have a 4 month old right now.

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  • Really wanted two under two but DH wasn't game. DS just turned two so I'm hoping for 2 under 3 but who knows what will happen.
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  • My SIL did 2 under 2 but my brother and I are 3 1/2 years apart. We've always been super close so I think I would like about a 3 year gap but we will see what happens. We're leaving that decision up to God.
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  • Mine are 2 mins apart :P

    I originally wanted about a 2-2.5 year gap between my children. DH wanted 2u2. I guess he got his way. We have recently decided to go for #3 so we are going to start trying Feb/Apr 2014 (depending on how my physio is going for my back).

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  • I wanted them to be about 3 years apart, but going to end up closer to 5 years apart. And that's how things go!

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  • jchickiem said:

    What @Emerald27 said. Planning your child spacing is easier said than done.  If my plans would have worked out, I would have a 4 month old right now.


    I agree with @Emerald27 too. I never wanted my children this far apart, but I can't control that.

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  • We don't have any yet...I only want One..hubby wants Two....I wanted 4-5years apart..I'm 32 so that wont happen...probably will have 2 under 2..eek! But my uterus needs to cooperate and bake at least one
  • I'm going from 3 under 5... To a ten year gap. CRAZY! :)
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  • My first 2 are 5.5yrs apart. Planned that way, I can't do more than 1 in daycare and diapers!! This last one will be at least 6 since my youngest will be 6 in April and we aren't pregnant yet. Again planned, we purposely waited till this year to try. 


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  • I wanted them 3 years apart. Then I lost my job. So I hoped for 4 years. Then I had a Miscarriage. Now I just hope to have two at all.
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  • If I do have another child, my children will be  about 18 years apart.  For the longest, I thought one and done. Well, now...
    Don't worry, I'm working on it. 

  • I wanted then maybe 2.5 years apart. But life got in the way, then same here, my Ute hasn't cooperated. No matter what we do they will be over 3 years apart. I don't mind. I just want another one.


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    I was hoping for 2 years between them. This was back when I naively thought this was a fast & easy process. Realistically, we'll probably start trying for #2 as soon as we are allowed after #1 is here. 
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  • 1 & 2 are 3.5 years apart.  Depending on when I get pregnant, 2 & 3 will be 3.5 to 4 years apart.
    I was young when I had my first though (24) so I've had plenty of time to space them out.
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  • I was hoping for 2 years between them. This was back when I naively thought this was a fast & easy process. Realistically, we'll probably start trying for #2 as soon as we are allowed after #1 is here. 

    That part of the statement, definitely. Our number right now is that we'd like 4 and I would like to be done having kids by 36 or 37 (Originally 35, but I don't think that will happen). We've been trying 12 months and 2 losses for #1 and I turn 30 in a little over a month. So, assuming that I can get pregnant and carry to term without too much intervention, one of those numbers will probably have to give. Especially if it takes as long for each kid as it has for one. I've always said I'd love to stairstep my kids, but I don't know that will happen.

    If we end up needing fertility treatments or having to grow our family in a different way, that will drastically change how this goes down.

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  • We have one so far. He is 20 months. I wanted a 2 year age difference, but that didn't happen. So now we are hoping for 2.5-3 year difference. Ultimately, we really aren't in control and are leaving it in God's hands.
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  • Mine are 30 seconds apart, which was not planned, like @megs2011 :) We started TTC #3 as soon as my period came back because I'd like to get diapers and infancy all over with ASAP, but my body had other plans so we will see. Hoping for a less than three year age gap between 2 and 3.
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  • We would like at least a year/year and a half between our children.

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  • DD is adopted, so we had no control over that 8 year gap.  But it's awesome.  She is old enough to help out, but young enough that they still play together.  After DS, we thought 18mo spacing would be nice (loool), so we went off BC as soon as my OB gave us the green light.  When that didn't happen, we thought, "Hey, at least we'll get 2u2!"  I've been off BC for 16 months now... not even an evap this whole time.  :\  DS will likely turn 2 before I get a BFP due to my current testing schedule.

    I thought I'd like #2 and #3 super close, then #4 3-4 years after that, but it's taking so long to have #3 that who knows if I'll even get to #4.
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  • I love the idea of close in age kids. All of my cousins that were born one right after the other are SO close. My siblings and I have always been in different life stages at different times. I'm hoping when they reach the age where they want to have a family that our families will be close!

    I think 1-2 year gap is perfect, but who know what nature has in store. We are working on #1!
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  • I second what @beckynsean11 said about trying for #2 pretty much right away. I want at least two and maybe three kids and I'm 34, at this point won't be giving birth until 35. So it's pretty much go ASAP. That's just the way it's working out!
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  • The more I'm learning about my body and TTC the more I'm sure nothing goes to plan.  Anyways it doesn't mean we aren't still planning.  DH and I want 3 or 4 kids.  Well DH actually wants 6 or 7 but that's a big hell no from me.  In an ideal world I'd be done having kids by the time I'm 38.  Well we're just starting to TTC right when I turned 29....and I"d like my first to be less than 2 years apart.  However, all of that really depends on my career and how things are moving along (plus of course money).  Then I'd like to wait about three years before having another two under three.  

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  • We thought we were one and done, then changed our minds this summer. So our kids will be at *least* five years apart, probably more unless I get pregnant very soon. I originally wanted three kids, all two years apart. But when DD was two there is NO WAY I could have handled two.
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  • I would like no more than a 3 year gap between them and I want 3 children. DH is leaning more towards two LO's and wants them closer in age. DH and
    B-I-L are 16 months apart so I think DH wants something similar to that age gap. My sister and I are 2 1/2 years apart and I liked it growing up.
  • After DS was born, our plans were to have the second two years later.  Yeah, 5 1/2 years later, our DD was born.

    So now we are hoping that number 3 happens a little quicker.  Because if it takes another 5 1/2 years, number three isn't happening.
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  • No kids yet, but I think a 2-3 year age gap would be ideal. Granted, I thought I'd get pregnant first cycle and have a baby by now, but things don't always work out the way you plan.
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  • I am going to see how #1 goes, assuming I am lucky enough to get a #1.  But, if all goes well, I'd probably start trying for #2 when #1 is about 18ish months.  We'll see what happens.

    My sister and I are 3 years apart and are very close.
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