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How much is a meal?

How much do your LOs eat in a solids meal? DD eats way more solids in the evening than in the morning. If she only has a couple bites in the morning, does it still count as a meal?


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Re: How much is a meal?

  • Right now DS is eating three frozen ice cubes of whatever puree I give him. When he eats table food, there's no real measurement. I make enough to account for a lot falling on the floor, and some making it into his mouth lol. He also will eat about 1/3-1/2 of a container of Greek yogurt (the single serving containers, not the quarts lol). He'll eat about half an egg and one packet's worth of oatmeal. I just consider a meal whatever he eats until he shows no interest anymore, whether it's a lot or a little.
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    Varies from baby to baby, and on what they're eating. Just the other night, James ate a few bites of chili, a quarter cup of carrot coins, and a string cheese, while Simon ate a quarter cup of chili, a whole cup of carrot coins, and a string cheese.They both get the same stuff as the other one every time, but we never try to make them eat more when they start turning their heads (tho we do sometimes cut Simon off and give him water or milk instead - because he doesn't seem to have that "I'm full" trigger working correctly, yet... boy will eat himself into vomiting)
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  • I consider him actually accepting food a meal. DS generally turns his head when I try and feed him.
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  • My weird kid totally varies. Some days, she'll do 2-3 oz a meal (purees). Today, she finished a 6 oz jar for lunch!
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