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Where did your water break?


Re: Where did your water break?

  • Mine broke naturally minutes before he was born.
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  • With DS #1, at home after a long day at work while standing up from the couch.
    With DS #2, climbing into the labor bed at the hospital.


  • DS - I experienced no labor at all. My blood pressure continued to be high and they called a c-section at 37 weeks.

    DD - It was 3am on the morning of my induction. I woke up to get ready to be at the hospital, rolled over and felt a little pop and kept feeling a little trickle of water every once in awhile. But since I was supposed to be headed to the hospital anyway I just decided I would slap on a pad (it really was that minimal of a trickle) after my shower and continue the next three hours as planned.

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  • Mine broke right after I got to the birth center while I was standing up about 10 minutes before I started pushing and 20 minutes before my daughter was born!
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    doc had to break mine with a crochet hook looking thing with both kids.
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  • with DS#1 there was a "sweaty" feeling down there at 3am so I got up to pee and noticed my underwear was wet (I thought I had peed a little). I changed my undies and got back in to bed. A while later I noticed my underwear was wet again but didnt need to use the toilet. I called my mom and asked her if it could possibly be my waters. She said unless it was a gush to not worry. So I changed my in to my 3rd pair of undeis and put a towel under me just incase for the night until I started noticing a small leak everytime I would have a 'braxton hicks" LOL I was in shock. I laid in bed til 6am and then let everyone know we were headed to the hospital. There they broke it the rest of the way, apparently I had a tear in the bag or something. DS was born 12hr after the first "leak"

     With DS#2 they broke my water for an unplanned induction due to an infection in my uterus. He was born 3hrs later.
  • AT WORK!! It was absolute craziness. My co-worker and I could do nothing more than laugh while I waited for my husband to pick me up, which just made more come out! We still talk about that day!!
  • DD - broke at work (I am a teacher but luckily had no class at the time!), but it was not a lot of fluid...I apparently had one bag inside another? The other bag broke 12 hrs into labor and DD was born almost 12 hours after that!

    DS - midwife broke my water to get labor going on my due date after 3 long & miserable days and nights of false labor

    I am anxious to see what happens this time! Any day :)
  • 5am on the toilet.

    I screamed to DH (he was upstairs, I was downstairs), and we kissed while I sat there and let it drip into the toilet.

    I ended up taking a shower, doing the dishes, straightening my hair and taking the dog for a walk.

    Hospital is 15 minutes away, didn't get there till almost 9am :)
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  • Mine broke while I was sitting on my exercise ball to relieve the pain in my hips. I didn't think it was my water breaking, till I went to the restroom and it gushed again. 27 hours later at 37w3d, LO was born!

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