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Where did your water break?

Where did your water break? What did you do? How did you react and feel?

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Re: Where did your water break?

  • My water broke in the middle of a contraction while I was squatting down at the foot of my bed. I think I said, "Oh sh**!" because I was in total denial that I was in labor and the water breaking made it official. Then I cried (my reaction to every large emotion during pregnancy) and called my husband in a panic to come home from work. I was only 36w6d so I really just wasn't expecting labor to start so early.
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  • I was in my kitchen cooking, thankfully! I was excited because I knew he'd be coming within the 24 hours!
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  • It was 10pm and I decided to use the bathroom one more time before bed. A gush of fluid (I later found out was my water breaking) came out when I sat down on the toilet.
  • Just went to bathroom 3 am, laid back down & felt a small pop
  • Doctor broke mine with DD when I was dilated to about an 8.  Never broke on my own.  
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  • I was in the shower getting ready for my niece's birthday party when I felt a small pop. After I dried off, my legs stayed wet. DD was born 16 hours later!



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  • I was putting my pants on to go to work when my water broke. Good thing I was running late that morning or I would have been in my car!
  • around 4-5am when I got up to use the bathroom.  It was everywhere!  No doubt about what it was.  :)
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    I was peeing so there was no mess! I was really calm, called my mom to let her know [she was waiting to book a flight until we knew DD was coming] then hung around for about an hour before heading to the hospital.

    ETA I had her 6 hours later.

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    On the toilet at 430 in the morning. I woke up to pee as per usual as a 9 month, 2 day pregnant woman and surprise! I got my mom and dad (we were living at my parents and renovating our house), dad got the hubby, i took a shower and then it was off to the hospital we went.
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  • DD1- Water broke in the hospital.
    DD2- They broke my water at the hospital.



  • DD1-I was laying in bed, felt a pop, ran to the toilet and it started gushing out. DD2-In the car on the way to the hospital. Scariest experience of my life! We barely made it. The baby was at+3 station and I was already 10cm when we got there. 30 min later, she was out. No time for the epi.
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  • Right as I was drifting to sleep at 11:15 in bed.

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  • DS1 - In my hospital bed while I was sleeping

    DS2 - They broke my water in hospital
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  • i was at my mother's house. i had been having contractions that were about 10 minutes apart for over 12 hours and called my obgyn's office hoping for some advice on how to deal with the pain because i wasn't sure how long they were going to last. the nurse told me to come in to see a doctor for a cervical exam and non stress test. i was not even 3 cm dilated and doc told me to go home and relax. 40 minutes later at my mom's, i felt a very strange feeling almost like a "pop" and started leaking and leaking and leaking... and leaking. had my son 11 hours later.

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  • DD - doctor broke it in hospital
    DS - during a hard contraction in hospital. He was born 45 minutes later

  • My water was ruptured artificially in the hospital at about 7 cm dilated. Craziest experience ever! I actually apologized to the staff for the mess! Told them that they should have a 'Wet Floor' sign handy. ;D
  • Both times I was sitting on the toilet. The first time (39w6d) it was a pop that I could feel as if I had popped a balloon under water. The second time (37w6d) it was much more subtle and then a gurgling sensation sort of like pouring water from a bottle.
  • Water broke at 5am on the toilet. I stopped peeing yet liquid kept dribbling out. Was a slow dribble until my unplanned csection at 5pm
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  • Doctor broke my water...I was 5cm dilated by the time I got to the hospital
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    At home at 3 am when I got up to pee- she kicked me hard it hurt... I stood up and thought I was peeing myself and lost all bladder control! When I went to the washroom I had the scare of my life- it was bright red and I had a ton of huge clots (think size of a tomato). There was tons of liquid/blood and it wouldn't stop. I was nervous, scared because I thought something was wrong. Everyhing turned out fine.

    I didnt start feeling contractions until about 30 min later and they were not that intense and I was already 4cm dilated.
  • In bed. Had just laid down for the night, rolled over to get comfortable. Heard a "pop" and then a gush of fluid.

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one whose water broke while sitting on the toilet. It was 10pm and I got up to pee one last time. As soon as I sat down a gush of water. I didn't know it was my water until 10am the next day at my Dr Appt. I slept through the night, woke up, got dressed, ran errands, ate and then went to my Appt. No pain, no contractions.
  • I was 7-8 cm . I labored at home since noon. We got to the hospital at 11 after triage they moved me to my room and when I scooted to the bed my water broke.


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  • Mine broke naturally minutes before he was born.
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  • With DS #1, at home after a long day at work while standing up from the couch.
    With DS #2, climbing into the labor bed at the hospital.
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  • DS - I experienced no labor at all. My blood pressure continued to be high and they called a c-section at 37 weeks.

    DD - It was 3am on the morning of my induction. I woke up to get ready to be at the hospital, rolled over and felt a little pop and kept feeling a little trickle of water every once in awhile. But since I was supposed to be headed to the hospital anyway I just decided I would slap on a pad (it really was that minimal of a trickle) after my shower and continue the next three hours as planned.

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  • Mine broke right after I got to the birth center while I was standing up about 10 minutes before I started pushing and 20 minutes before my daughter was born!
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  • doc had to break mine with a crochet hook looking thing with both kids.
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  • with DS#1 there was a "sweaty" feeling down there at 3am so I got up to pee and noticed my underwear was wet (I thought I had peed a little). I changed my undies and got back in to bed. A while later I noticed my underwear was wet again but didnt need to use the toilet. I called my mom and asked her if it could possibly be my waters. She said unless it was a gush to not worry. So I changed my in to my 3rd pair of undeis and put a towel under me just incase for the night until I started noticing a small leak everytime I would have a 'braxton hicks" LOL I was in shock. I laid in bed til 6am and then let everyone know we were headed to the hospital. There they broke it the rest of the way, apparently I had a tear in the bag or something. DS was born 12hr after the first "leak"

     With DS#2 they broke my water for an unplanned induction due to an infection in my uterus. He was born 3hrs later.
  • AT WORK!! It was absolute craziness. My co-worker and I could do nothing more than laugh while I waited for my husband to pick me up, which just made more come out! We still talk about that day!!
  • DD - broke at work (I am a teacher but luckily had no class at the time!), but it was not a lot of fluid...I apparently had one bag inside another? The other bag broke 12 hrs into labor and DD was born almost 12 hours after that!

    DS - midwife broke my water to get labor going on my due date after 3 long & miserable days and nights of false labor

    I am anxious to see what happens this time! Any day :)
  • Mine broke while I was sitting on my exercise ball to relieve the pain in my hips. I didn't think it was my water breaking, till I went to the restroom and it gushed again. 27 hours later at 37w3d, LO was born!

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    I was sitting up on the edge of my bed because I had a feeling it was about to happen and my water broke. I woke up my hubby and MIL and we headed into the hospital at 4 in the morning. Contractions started right away at 4-5 min apart.
  • the doctor broke my water mid labor when I was 5-6cm
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  • katiegal said:

    DD1-I was laying in bed, felt a pop, ran to the toilet and it started gushing out.

    DD2-In the car on the way to the hospital. Scariest experience of my life! We barely made it. The baby was at+3 station and I was already 10cm when we got there. 30 min later, she was out. No time for the epi.

    You didn't feel labor pains before this ? If not woooow
  • Mine broke naturally whole squatting and leaning over the head of the bed. I had just been checked at 9cm. Water broke and the urge to push happened. DD was born 10 minutes later.
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  • DD#1 was a induction and the doctor broke my water

    DD#2 broke while i labor in the hospital after the epidural. I said to the nurse "that was weird. It felt like the baby kicked my crotch but her head is down."

    DD#3 we had just had an open house on our home. I had been having prodromal labor for 4 days. I laid down on the couch and felt a pop followed by a trickle. She was born at 37w 2d.
  • I was on my way into the bathroom to pee one last time right before bed. As I stepped into the bathroom it came gushing out. My initial thought was that I peed my pants. Then I went into shock and got shaky because I realized what it really was and knew tonight was the night!
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  • Baby #1: OB broke my water at after 24 hours of active labor to try to get it to progress.

    Baby #2: Broke right before she was born at the hospital. I had an epidural but still had feeling - just no pain - and I felt something bulge into my vag then burst. Called the nurse in and the bag/membrane was hanging out of me and DD was about an inch from crowning. At first they thought it was the cord, but nope. They had me basically cross my legs to keep DD in while we waited the 30 minutes for my OB to get there.
  • Mine broke in bed in the triage room in the maternity unit between 7:30 and 8:00 am after waiting over 19 hours through regular contractions for some real progress. That got me admitted and dd was born 3 hours later!

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  • My water broke at 6am at home while sitting on the toilet. I was having some pain that I thought was related to the large amount of Indian food I had eaten for dinner just a few hours before. :)
    Had no idea I was in labor until I felt something pop. I said "oh no" which my husband (who was sleeping) heard followed by the swoosh and splash of water. It was a huge gush and a lot of it ended up on the floor. Craziness.
  • After we got to the hospital and I changed into my gown, I felt like I needed to pee. Water broke on the toilet. Perfect timing!


  • A very rude and brusque OB (she was the OB on call) used the amnio hook to break it in the hospital. I was already 5 cm dilated but it still hadn't broken. After all the water was gone, they were able to tell that my son was breech.
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  • Mine broke as I was walking out of Shoney's. The hospital was across the street so we went on over.
  • DS - at the hospital, didn't even notice

    DD - at home in the bathroom.  I was excited and called my midwife.

    DD2 - at home in bed

  • DS1-doctor broke my water during induction.
    DS2-in hospital bed while waiting for epidural
  • My water broke while i was having contractions in the bathtub but never knew till i got to the hospital!
  • In the birthing pool while pushing, baby was born just under 3 hours later
  • DS #1 At home, in bed, around midnight

    DS #2 At home, in bed, around 11:30pm
  • I was in the dressing room at Target trying on sweat pants. It wasn't a lot at first, but I definitely was like, get me out of here before I embarrass myself!
  • With Baby 1, MW broke them minutes before his birth as he was having heart decels and needed to come out quickly. With #2 I woke up to a gushing at 6:22 a.m. after a convenient full night of sleep. It took a minute to convince my husband, but when he turned on a light and saw the gushing, we were both super excited! Contractions started at about 8 and he was born at 11:16 a.m. With #3, the water never broke so he was born en caul :)
  • I woke up at 12:55pm, went to the bathroom to pee and heard a loud pop. I walked into the living room and told my fiance I thought my water broke. He said my underwear was soaked, take a look. I pulled them down and it gushed! She arrived 19 hours later. I need to have the carpet cleaned.
  • My first two, I had AROM at about 5 cm. My third was an AROM after about ten minutes of pushing. My fourth broke naturally as her shoulders were delivering. My fifth I swear broke like three times, all during pushing.
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