1st Trimester

Ultrasound today, lukewarm news

So I have been spotting and i am supposed to be 7 weeks by my LMP. I previously had two HCG tests and they looked good (doubling). Now I went for the US and she said, it's possible that I am not 7 weeks, but more like 51/2, 6 weeks, or that I don't have a viable pregnancy, since it doesn't look like a 7 week embryo. I went for more bloodwork, I have to have a repeat on Friday and then another US on Monday maybe? Not clear on that. Sigh. I see below that this happened to someone else. I guess that would make some sense regarding the spotting, which is supposed to occur at 5 weeks, but I am so sure about the dates. I can't take the wait and see time span!!

Any encouragement or should i just prepare for the worst?

Re: Ultrasound today, lukewarm news

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