2nd Trimester

itchy/dry eyes

What do you do to get relief from itchy/dry eyes?  I'm not sure if it's allergies (I've never had them before, but it's possible) or just hormones. 
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Re: itchy/dry eyes

  • Get some a good wettening eye drop and if it continues go see an eye doctor.

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  • Try some OTC eye drops. One of my first pregnancy symptoms is irritated eyes, especially when wearing my contacts.It usually only last a few weeks for me.
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  • I just read this is another fun pregnancy symptom.  I already have really dry eyes.  My eye doc recommended Refresh Tears because they are the closest to real tears.  She said to stay away from any of the red eye drops because they don't hydrate as well.  I don't wear contacts, so I couldn't tell you if they were ok to use if you do.  They are OTC.
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