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Silly Salad Question...

So Im not a big veggie eater so I figured salads would be an easy way for me to get extra nutrients. Well for the past few months Ive been buying the organic spinach or spring mix brand from WalMart. Not even exaggerating it goes bad in 2-3 days and its so frustrating! My question is where do you ladies get your salad mixes/leaves? Any good brands? Im tired of wasting all this $ :/ or is there a special way to store it?

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Re: Silly Salad Question...

  • I always have this problem with any kind of washed salad mix.  I don't know any way to avoid it except now I buy the smallest bag sizes usually from trader joes.  I can usually eat those fast enough because there's only enough for 2-3 salads.
  • We get spinach from Sam's Club, Target or Aldi's and it seems to last longer than 2-3 days.  We keep it in the "veggie" section of our fridge and if it is in a bag, we close it very tightly after using.

    If the spinach is about to go bad, I will throw it in the freezer and then add a bit to smoothies or pasta.
  • I get the salad mixes (actually I get the spinach tub) but honestly, I go non-organic. I just had an organic tub that went bad in two days, 8 days before the expiration date. I think I'd rather have the  non-organic veggies and not risk getting the pooping butt disease. 
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  • I tend to search for the salad pack that expires the latest, even if that means searching through the back packages

  • Every Sunday I get a head of romaine and a head of red leaf lettuce, cut them up, wash and spin the leaves and then pack them into little storage containers. I usually get enough for 5 small salads for me and 5 bigger salads for DH. I also slice up some carrots and radishes to toss in there. Storing in a plastic bag also works well for a week. As long as I don't include any crappy-looking pieces, the salads will save just fine a full week. If we do spinach, we do buy bagged and try to eat it in the first half of the week. I also cut my own celery sticks and carrot sticks for the week. No salad mix I've ever bought tastes decent after more than 4 days, so I don't mind spending a hour or so prepping salads each week.
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  • I feel like the kind in the plastic tub lasts longer than the kind in the bag.  But yeah, they all go bad very quickly.
  • As long as you don't wet it , it should last a while. My veggies seem to survive best in my fridge's crisper drawer
  • I put paper towel in mine, and replace it as soon as it's a little moist. Adds a few days to my greens lives (and crunchiness)
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  • I always buy Olivia's organic mixes in the box, not the bag.  For me, it always lasts a full week with no problem.  I like the 50/50 with half spring mix and half spinach.  
  • Ditto others on the box, not the bag... lasts SO much longer! We get ours at BJs.
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  • Thanks so much everyone!

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    I get the plastic tubs of organic baby spinach from Kroger and they usually last me a week. One thing I've learned is to never buy greens on sale. That means they're going to go bad in a minute.
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  • I buy paper lunch sacks for my mixed greens, put them in the brown paper bag then put that in the zip loc. Last almost 1.5-2 weeks, but I don't need it to that long, I don't tend to like meet while pregnant. I also buy a lot of romain, what I do it buy them in the 3 packs, cut then in hal long ways slap some butter on them then throw them on the grill. The ones I don't cook I use for my salads. 

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  • Bagged lettuce usually has more recalls for being exposed to e-coli, salmonella etc (not to scare you, but be careful). I buy organic spinach usually from Publix, sometimes from Walmart. It comes in the plastic containers though, and mine usually last about a week. Also if you make fruit smoothies throw and handful of spinach in there. You can't even taste it.

    if you cut up your own head of lettuce (go ahead and chop it all up) stuff it into mason jars. This makes lettuce last SO much longer! Pack it in tight and it last longer.

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  • I get the salad mixes (actually I get the spinach tub) but honestly, I go non-organic. I just had an organic tub that went bad in two days, 8 days before the expiration date. I think I'd rather have the  non-organic veggies and not risk getting the pooping butt disease. 

    If food ever goes bad before its supposed to take it back! Food is way too expensive these days to go bad so fast and waste it. I have no shame taking food back that goes bad quickly.

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  • Rachel Ray and my mom...have always said to store them in a bag with a dry paper towel. This is after you have rinsed and dried them to the best you can. I keep mine in a bowl and put the paper towel on top. Rachel keeps her stuff in bags with towel wrapped around it. I can keep my salad stuff for over a week :)
  • We get our spinach from bj's it comes in a plastic container. Like PP mentioned we always store it with a paper towel and switch it out. It keeps it fresher for at least a week. We use a paper towel with all our veggies that have been cut too.

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