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Single-use vial flu shot vs multi-does vial flu shot

I remember reading somewhere it's recommended pregnant women get flu shot from single-use vial vs from multi-does vial. ( I can't recall the reasoning.) I wonder if anyone has read that too. Did you ask your OB's opinion? What did they say? How do you find places offer single-use vial flu shot?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Single-use vial flu shot vs multi-does vial flu shot

  • I have never ever heard this before and I have given hundreds of flu shots. As long as the person drawing up the meds is using the proper protocols, there is no reason why a pregnant women can not have a shot out of a multi dose vial.

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  • I got my shot at my last OB check up and they give the single-use by default.  Check with them.

  • Multiuse vials contain thimerosal, which is a mercury-based preservative.  It has been proven to be safe at the miniscule doses in a vaccine and is fine for pregnant women, however many people say if you can avoid it, it's just an extra precaution you can do when pregnant.  Single use vials do not have preservative.  However, it's better to get a flu with preservative than no flu shot at all.  There can be serious complications in pregnant women who catch the flu.
    The nasal spray vaccine does not contain thimerosal either.  But 100% agree that a miniscule amount of mercury is better than the flu.  You get more mercury from a 3 oz. can of tuna (29 micrograms or so, per this study) while a flu shot contains about 25 micrograms per the FDA )

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  • Soap1 said:
    The nasal spray vaccine does not contain thimerosal either. 
    Just as a heads up, the nasal spray is a live vaccine and not approved for use during pregnancy.

  • Thank you all for the comments and advices. If I can find single-use flu shot, I will get it. Otherwise, I will just one from multi-does vial.
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    I had a really hard time finding single-dose that was Class B. This website is helpful when calling around to pharmacies and determining what they are stocking. I could only find Afluria in single dose and determined it was Class C after checking the manufacturers website.

    Edit: Did find Fluzone in single dose as well at Walgreen's but that's also Class C.
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