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  • Non-painful contractions started first (similar to BH but a little stronger). And then my water broke 2 hours later with stronger contractions immediately following.
  • contractions came first, but they were 10 minutes apart for more than 12 hours. things seemed to speed up once my water broke and i made it to the hospital.

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  • For both kids my water broke first and contractions started about an hour later.
  • Contractions. Dr broke my water 12 hrs later
  • With my DS #1, I had BH contractions very frequent the day before my water broke. The next day, I had none, but at the end of the evening my water broke......

    btw.... your title "What came first" Made me think it was going to follow with....the chicken or the egg? LOL
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  • Contractions first.

  • Contractions first. Went into labor and water popped while pushing, one min before DS was born. This prevented me from tearing!
  • Water broke at 5am. 1st contraction was around 7am.
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  • DS1 contractions first and they broke my water
    DS2 water broke no contractions had to have pit
  • Contractions, the Dr broke my water right before I started pushing.
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  • Contractions first. OB broke my water at the hospital
  • My water broke first, the day after my doctor told me my DS would likely be late. He was born five days early.

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  • With my first three I always had contractions and the nurses broke my water when I was between 5-7 cm dilated. I'm currently 28 weeks with baby #4 and overly excited to see whether she'll do the same as her big brother and big sisters. My first three labors lasted 7.5 - 8 hrs start to finish, my children were all 7lbs 2 or 3 oz and 20-21 inches long.
  • Contractions first. Doc broke my water and 17 mins later my lil man
  • Contractions started around to hospital around 4pm...epidural at 7:30pm...then had my water broken shortly after that. DS arrived at 8:15ish the next morning.
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  • DD: Induced
    DS1: Contractions, water broke sometime after 7cm
    DS2: Water broke first, contractions started a couple hours later. 
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    Contractions started at 11 pm.  Dr broke my water around 10am and LO was born at 11:21 am
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    Contractions first. In fact, my water never noticeably broke. I leaked a little head water right before I started pushing, but baby came out with all the water together. 
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  • All 3 of my births my water was broken by the doctor.

    The first two were after labor started. The third time they broke my water to induce and then contractions started with in the hour.
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  • Water broke first, didn't have contractions for at least 2 hrs afterwards.
  • With DS1 and DS2 I had contractions first and my water broke right before I started pushing.
    With DD my water broke first and contractions started shortly after.
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  • Contractions came first! With first son, I never even noticed when my water broke. I assume it was while I was pushing. With my second, it was immediately before pushing - my water broke and his head just dropped like a bowling ball, lol. He was out in seven minutes. 

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