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Best pregnancy book ever!

If you haven't read this book yet, you need to! I laughed all the way through this book, almost peed myself a couple of times too! I also read the whole thing in 4 hours! It's called "belly laughs" by jenny mccarthy. She basically talks about all the prenancy symptoms to come, and she tells it like it is! Really! This book is hilarious! My favorite thing she talked about was the "blue twinkies cuddling under carpet!" Think about it and you'll get it. She also talked about her entire delivery, what she felt, what she was thinking. It was truely an eye opener of what's to come without beating around the bush. I loved it! You must read!! Let me know what you think!

Re: Best pregnancy book ever!

  • I loved it too!  
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  • I'm glad you guys found a good book! I personally couldn't read a book by someone with such influence over the crazy anti-vax movement, but I am on the hunt for some good pregnancy reads.
  • I'm not into much of that stuff either but i found the book helpful in preparing for my pregnancy. I do believe she wrote the book before all of that happened anyways. Hope you find a good book! :)
  • @tesskerr, you took the words out of my mouth! I'm not trying to be a downer and I'm glad you guys liked the book too, but I hate, hate, hate what Jenny McCarthy has done to blame and shame the parents of children with autism into thinking they are responsible for their children "coming down with" autism after being vaccinated. But I also realize that we are all complex beings, so she is probably also a very funny person, in addition to being terrible. :-)
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  • I completely forgot she's anti-vaccine crazy...the book was funny and her crazy does shine through (not at all regarding vaccines, she doesn't even touch the word austim).  Oh well, enjoyed the quick read!  
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