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Dr. Christina Lee - Greater Newport Physicians

Any experience with Dr. Christina Lee? I heard only good reviews from others on this board before, but just to make sure, thought I'd throw this out once again.  Thanks!

Re: Dr. Christina Lee - Greater Newport Physicians

  • I'm going in Jan. 7th to see Dr. Korber for a pre-conception visit and then Dr. Lee is supposed to be my Dr. ?I haven't met her yet but I did some online searching and found some good reviews about her. ?I would love to know if anyone here has had a good experience w/ her though! :)
  • She is my OB and she is great.  She delivered the boys and stayed throughout my entire labor (where I heard most will just come when the baby's about to come).  She always makes time for questions and doesn't rush appointments.  I've referred a couple of my friends to her too, and they also love her.
  • She's been my ob-gyn for quite a few years now. I loved her as my gyno and love her even more as my OB. She actually took care of my first major "woman" issue and was very helpful and reassuring about it. I've referred a couple friends to her now and they all love her as well. My sister also sees her sister - Dr. Jennifer Lee - and loves her too.
    I agree that she doesn't rush appointments and makes sure to answer all of your questions, although she's usually answering all of mine within the first few minutes she's in the room, before I even ask.
    She's not harsh, like I know a lot of Dr.s would be - for example, Last month I went in and had gained 14 lbs that month alone. I hadn't gained much in the previous months, but she kind of laughed and said "Did the scale really say that when you got on it?!" when I said yes, she was reassuring and just said to cool it on the food intake if I wasn't going to exercise. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a bad idea to go for a walk a couple times a week to work some of what I was eating off. I just thought that was funny.

  • Great dr...she's my OB/GYN...I've been seeing her for 10 years now.  The wait can get lengthy because she's a busy dr with lots of patients.  But she's really personable, listens to you and is reassuring.  I had an on-call dr deliver my baby so I can't comment on the delivery experience but I have no reason to believe it would have been less than wonderful. 
  • She was the doctor on-call the night my water broke, and actually did my c-section.  Even though she is not my regular doctor, I had a good experience with her, and now that she comes highly recommended.
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