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What "pet name" will you give to baby's pacifier?

Here are the official rules.



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Re: Enter to WIN big from MAM!

  • I always preferred Paci (like passy) so I'm going with that :)
  • I'm going to try to be 'cool' and go with "pass"
  • I called it a "fafa" so I will probably continue with baby even though my husband thinks its silly!
  • I've always called it a Nippy!
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  • i'll call it the pacifier until she can talk then however she pronounces it i'll call it that
  • I'm having a boy so it'll either be 'bee' or 'binko'
  • A soss soss. It's what I called it when I was a baby. :]
  • I will be calling it a "paci" :)
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    Bee is my favorite ;)
  • I will call it a patpat. My first didn't really take one, She just never would much. But, that is what I always called it to Her when offering it to Her and it just kinda stuck. :)
  • Paci
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  • We call it "soothie sucker"!
  • Paci, although DD calls her's a Booma so we may just stick with that.
  • I'll call it pacifier unless the baby ends up picking a nickname, even then I may just call it pacifier. I'm not big into baby talk.

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  • My oldest called hers bob. It was always funny talking about how we lost Bob
  • I plan to call it a binky.
  • Binky.
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  • bink-a-bink and num num!
  • Def going with binky...
  • We will go the English route and call it the "dummy".
  • Fussy, as in hopefully it's a fussifier.
  • We will probably go with Paci (unless my husband finds some silly name for it!)
  • Binky. That is what my mother always called it my sister used one i guess i always refused.
  • It will be her Binky or he toot toot! This was what my oldest daughter called it when she was little, it's kinda cute
  • Most likely just binky, but my husband is great at nonsense words so he will come up with something off the wall. :)
  • We use both paci & binky interchangeably .... depends on to whom we are talking! lol
  • I will most likely to refer to it as Binky, esp. since that's what my momma called it when I was a baby:)
  • I have always called them paci's so I have already been referring to the baby's as that.
  • I think we'll go with the traditional "paci."
  • Nookie or binky!
  • The binky or the "Susha" (Portuguese)  : )
  • Paci - of course! 
  • I think, paci, but maybe some name in Russian.
  • We'll probably call it "Bink" or "Binky". Growing up I called it my Beekee.

  • Most likely "paci". We shall see!
  • No nickname for me, probably just call it the pacifier!
  • Binky
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  • We'll call it a pacifier until she starts calling it something herself, and then we'll use whatever word she picks for it. 
  • Chupete - Spanish for pacifier "chupe" for short
  • We will be calling it a " fussy"
  • Button! Button, button, who's got the button?

  • Paci I'm assuming...
  • Bink or Binkie
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  • I'm going with binky.... For now.
  • Binki!! :-)
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    Would love to call it the "mute button" but that probably isn't as cute as binky, so we will probably go with that.
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  • paci
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  • Paci or pacifier unless she comes up with something better! 
  • Hopefully baby won't need one! Our DD didn't like it.
  • We always called it binky growing up, so that is what we will stick with!
  • Either binky or pac (pronounced pass)
  • I called mine Binkie Hubby called his a Faffel lol!
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