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It should have been today.

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, let alone go to work, but here I am.

Today should have been my EDD. I am happy to be pregnant again, but can't help wondering what things would have been like if we hadn't lost our first baby.

It's a bitter sweet feeling. Knowing that I should just about be done with my first pregnancy and being the furthest I have ever been pregnant.

Thanks for letting me get this out today.
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Re: It should have been today.

  • I am sorry. This is definitely a tough day.

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  • (((hugs))) Former EDDs are just so, so hard. I'm so sorry. Can you do something nice for yourself today? I know this might sound silly, but when I'm having a really rough day I try to do something small to make it somehow positive. Buy yourself something yummy, see a movie, go for a walk somewhere new. Whatever you need to do to give you something nice to focus on today.
  • Hugs. I'm so sorry or your loss.

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  • Huge hugs dear. You can make it through today, hug your belly and cry as much as you need you. I'm so sorry you have to experience this pain. I'm dreading my twins' due date. Ugh
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  • I past one recently, and I agree, a tough day for sure. I second PP about doing something for yourself. Pedicure? Dinner some place nice? Hugs!
  • ((Huge hugs)) I just passed my first one in March...it sucked! I agree with Car, do something nice for yourself today!


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  • ((Hugs))


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  • (((Hugs)))


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  • Big ((HUGS)). Be gentle with yourself today.

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  • elf828elf828
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    (((hugs))) I'm so sorry for your loss.  Try to take good care of yourself today and treat yourself - tomorrow will be here before you know it.


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  • I am so sorry. EDDs are really hard. I agree do something for yourself, or do something to commemorate the little life that you had. Light a candle, read a poem, release a balloon, etc. Whether it be something you need to do for yourself or to remember your little one, do it. And do not feel silly for how you want to express your love for the little life you had, and for the little life you have now. 
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  • Thank you for all the kind words ladies. I knew you would get it.

    I like the idea of doing something for me today-I never thought about doing something like that. I was just dreading this day all month and wanted it to pass as quickly as possible.

    Again, thank you ladies! You are awesome!!
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  • (((Hug))) Loss EDDs are no fun. I passed one in June and will have another in November. Be kind to yourself today. More (((hugs)))

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  • mab18mab18
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    So sorry that today is going to be such a rough day for you. You will be in my T and Ps. Many hugs.
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  • I'm so sorry. Take care of yourself today.
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  • Sorry you're having a tough day :( treat yourself to something today, a sundae, massage, manicure... And keep thinking positive thoughts about this LO with you right now

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  • ::hugs::

    Ditto pps, take care of yourself today.

  • So sorry. Hoping you can have a good day and keep those happy thoughts of this LO growing in your mind!
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  • It's rough. Not sure what I am going to do in September 
    when my first would have been born. Also two friends on facebook
    are due around the same time I would have been. I basically had to ignore
    their posts. It does make it a little easier being pregnant right now
    but still kinda bittersweet.

  • Big hugs.

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  • I found out a week before our angel's first birthday that I was pregnant. Now THAT was bittersweet. I hope you are finding ways to help get through today. I know how rough it is.
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  • It is a hard day and a date that you will likely remember for the rest of your life. It DOES get easier. Will doing something to mark the day help? what about planting a flower or shrub tonight with your husband? Or letting a balloon go in your back yard? Maybe you can think of something that is more fitting for you. ((Hugs)) and hang in there.
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  • Hugs to you.  My EDD would have been 8/15 if we hadn't miscarried, so I totally feel where you're coming from.  I am dreading that day even though I feel so happy and lucky to be pregnant again.  That day is going to hurt a little no matter what.
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  • I think it's a little easier to not think about those edd's of angel babies when you have a child. Because everyone stops being about what could have been and it's all about your child. I was hurt about our first loss for about 2 years. Then, my daughter was born. It gets better with time.
  • Definitely not easy, and I'm so sorry. 
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