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I am looking into buying a Vitamix blender, any one have one? Worth the money??
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Re: Vitamix

  • I was just going to post this question! I'm looking to gift it to myself for my Bday  and can't decide if it's worth it.

    I was in a shop yesterday and ordered a smoothie with kale and I saw that they made it with a Vitamix. There were a lot of small shredded chunks in the smoothie. Thin enough to drink through a straw but not great. Is that the best Vitamix can do or did they just do it wrong? I was hoping to make perfectly smooth/emulcified veggie smoothies. Otherwise I'll get a juicer instead.
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  • If you have the money to spend than get a Vitamix. They are amazing. I used to work at Williams Sonoma and we used them all the time for our classes.

    Which model were you thinking about?

    If you use a juicer than you are missing out on the pulp. A Vitamix keeps all of that goodness and nutrients in your foods.

    I mostly wanted the Vitamix b/c I could make my own peanut butter. Disclaimer - I didn't buy one b/c I couldn't justify the cost. I spent a ton of money on other items during my 3 years at WS. That part time job was expensive.
  • I didn't want a juicer bc I like pulp! Not sure which model, obviously I don't need anything industrial strength. Thanks for the input! I like that you can send in a warranty.
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  • They all have pretty much the same motor but just come with different bells and whistles.

    This chart should help you decide
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    We bought one and love it! It is worth the price!
  • I use mine at least twice a day! It makes perfectly smooth smoothies and I also use it for sauces, soups, nut butters, nut milks, etc...I have the dry grains container as well and use it to make oat flour, quinoa flour, etc...from whole grains. Totally worth the money for me!
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  • I have the 750 Vitamix and I absolutely love it!  I make sauces and soups all the time.  Recently I have been making smoothies and will use it to make baby purees when the time comes.  The best part about the 750 is the cleaning mode - add warm water and a drop of soup and it cleans the whole thing and you just rinse!  This feature is what sold me on it. 
  • We bought a refurbished one and LOVE it. It is amazing. I have been making pureed baby food and it comes out silky smooth. I also make smoothie in it for myself with ice and have never had an issue with it not blending well enough. Perhaps they did not blend it long enough or on the correct setting.

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  • Love our Vitamix! The refurbs come with the same 7 yr warranty as the new ones, so that's pretty cool. Another deal.... if you belong to Costco, I think the new price is the same as the refurb price on the web.

    Oh, and my 2 yr old drink smoothies every day with fresh veggies.

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