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can't agree on a girl name!!

anyone else getting close to their due date and still can't agree on a name for Baby?? We're due in 6 days and hubs & I absolutely cannot agree on a girl name... we've narrowed down the boy names to two - and both like both names - but we don't like each others' favorite girl names... which makes me almost positive that it will be a girl... any thoughts?

For boy's we're down to Clay (MIL's maiden name - lost her last year to cancer) and Cole...

for girls - he likes Summer, Jenna, Jemma & Ashton - I like Maggie, Aubrey, Alyx & Addison - we had previously agreed on Emma, Addison & Bailey... but Emma is too common, hubs deals with a guy named Addison weekly that has turned him off the name - and most likely the middle name will be Jean (my choice - hubs doesn't like it though) and we don't want a girl with the nickname of BJ!!

also - the problem comes in that hubs thinks that if I get to choose the middle name, he should get to choose the first name - which is fair, except that I don't like any of his name choices! ugh!!

we need help! I had a dream the other night that we had to stay at the hospital for a week because we couldn't agree on a name!!

other names we had also discussed were Ella/Ellie, Allie, Sophie... none of them made the short list though, for one reason or another...

have I confused y'all yet??

Re: can't agree on a girl name!!

  • It seems to me that if you both had agreed on Bailey, then you need to compromise and come up with a different middle name.

    If you really are having that much difficulty coming up with a first name that you both like, it seems odd to me you would rule out the one you do agree on because of the middle name. If DH doesn't like Jean anyway, you should stick with Bailey (which is adorable) and change Jean (which is not so adorable).

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  • Show your hubby this post, I'll try and help you out! Summer- not a great name IMO, sounds like a stripper name; Ashton- NMS and sounds masculine; Jemma- is this made up? Sounds like it; Jenna- not bad, actually cute.

    And no, just bc you picked the middle name does not mean he gets to pick the first name. First name is the most important and most likely will be what he or she goes by. Many people he/she meets will not even know their middle name.

    Good luck to you!

  • Gemma/Jemma is not made up it's a popular English name. It's on our list!
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  • the problem there is that hubs no longer likes Bailey very much (which was originally his suggestion) he's kinda stuck on Jemma, and I really want to use Jean, as it is my mother's middle name, my sister's middle name, and hubs' deceased Gramma's middle name... but we'll see I guess... I'm absolutely willing to give up Jean for a first name we both can agree on...
  • Okay, here are my thoughts on the names you suggested.  I really don't mean to be harsh, so please disregard any comments that seem mean.  I have very strong opinions on names, and my opinions tend to be old fashioned.

    Summer -- this is not a sophisticated name.  I'm not sure I'd go all the way to stripper name (like I think PP did), but not a sophisticated name.

    Jenna -- eh, it's okay, but not exciting

    Jemma -- this sounds like a stripper name.  Isn't there a famous (maybe British?) madame with this name?

    Ashton - made up and awful.  I know it's trendy now, but it's just an awful name.

    Maggie -- this is not a name, it's a nickname.  Please don't name your child a nickname -- she needs a real name to put on her resume.  She won't be 5 years old forever.  However, Maggie is a nickname for Margaret, which is a fabulous name, which makes this my top pick of your suggestions :-)  (If you hate Margaret, you could probably use Maggie as a nickname for another M-name)

    Aubrey -- this is a beautiful and classic name.

    Alyx -- made up.  Also a nickname.  Do you mean Alex?  (Please don't misspell your child's name).  If so, I think Alex can be a great nickname for many wonderful names -- Alexandra, Alexis, etc.

    Addison -- another not a real name.  This is a last name.  If there are actual Addisons in your family, by all means name your child this.  However, if it's just a name you like, then I'd advise against it.  I'm very against naming kids other people's family names.  I think it's an odd trend.

    Emma -- this is beautiful and classic, although it is popular.  If you want to know how popular, go to the social security website and see how many Emmas were born last year.  I think you can divide up the list by state, city, etc.

    Bailey -- falls under the same category as Addison (other people's family names).  However, Bailey also kind of sounds like a dog's name.

    If you really like Bailey, but you don't want the initials BJ, I'd change the middle name.  Although if Jean is after a family member, I think that's a beautiful choice for a middle name.

    Ella and Ellie -- again, these are nicknames.  Real names that these could be nicknames for are almost endless.  If you really like these names, I'd pick a beautiful, classic name, and use Ella or Ellie for a nickname.  Elle, Isabelle, Isabella, etc. are just some of the possibilities.

    Allie -- again, this is not a name, it's a nickname.  You could name the child Alison, or I'm sure any number of other "A" names.  This would be a great choice.

    Sophie -- this is another classic name.  It sort of sounds like a nickname for Sophia, but it's actually just the French version of the name (Sophia is the Italian).

    Good luck making your decision!


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  • DH and I battled for DD's name. Now we are trying to agree with DD #2's name. Always fun. The only name we agree on is Summer. I don't think it is a stripper name. I think it is feminine and sweet. 
  • Possible solution to a real sticky wicket like yours because your preferences are pretty different in style: 

    Each of you make a list of your favorite first names.  You each get to pick 3.  Then give the list to the other person.  You get 2 vetos, so you are left with two names that you can both live with.

    Then you each make a list of 3 middle names to go with each first name.  So you have 6 choices.  Again, switch lists, and you each get 2 vetoes for each name, 4 total.  You are left with 4 name combos, and it should be easier to narrow down, and you know you each like the names!

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  • I'm not sure what you're asking.  We can give our opinions on your names but we can't magically make you and your husband agree.  Do you want new name ideas?  Or are you looking for ways to compromise?
  • My girlfriend named her little girl Ailie.  (Eye-lee)  It seems to kinda fit into the names you and your DH discussed, so maybe you'll like it?


  • If your last name doesn't start with a J, Bailey won't be BJ. She'd be BJ(A) or B(A). I'd still go with Bailey, as kids will find anything to make fun of, and BJ as the first and middle initials isn't a huge deal, IMO.

    If you like Bailey but your husband won't budge on the BJ issue, what about Hailey (or Haley)?

  • jenna is growing on me. i think its pretty. maggie is super cute too.
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  • Going to try to hit all the points from PP's in this reply - but might not get them all... oh - and my family is HUGE on nicknames... which is where the BJ would come into play... half of my cousins (and my sister) are referred to using their first & middle initial about 75% of the time...

    we originally wrote up 5 choices each for girl & boy, then traded papers and crossed off, etc... ended up with Jenna, Emma, Addison... but then names were added, thrown out, etc... I'm not sure if we could start over again or not!! but it's worth a try! and adding in middle name options is a great idea too!
    Bailey - I could live with, hubs no longer likes much (same as Emma)... Jean is a family name I've always said I would use, but am willing to give up for a first name we both like...Summer has always been hubs' favorite girl name, but it's just not one of my favs - plus, a January baby named Summer just seems funny to me... hubs originally liked Jenna - I have a 6 year old cousin named Jenna, so he changed to Jemma, which my mind automatically thinks of Aunt Jemima (no idea why!) - also - if she were named Jenna or Jemma - we would call her JJ... hubs likes Ashton - I have a young cousin named Ashton... I love Maggie - hubs vetoed it BECAUSE he hates the name Margaret, he also picked Alex for a girl (I'm the one who made it Alyx as I know a girl who's super sweet and hers is spelled like that and I love it) but he hates any longer versions (e.g. Alexis, Alexandra, etc.)... hubs also picked Allie (which would be after him, his middle name is Allen and he often goes by "Al" - his first name starts with El though - which is how Ellie came into play) and we can't do Allison due to it being the name of someone who drives us both nuts... (hubs seems to have an aversion to any longer versions of all the names I like as nicknames - just noticing that. weird.)...Addison was hubs' pick - but I like Addy just fine - and AJ even better :) although he's now crossed it off the list... I love Isabelle/Isabella nn Elle/Ella - hubs hates it...hubs also had Haley on his original list, but it just doesn't work for me... names that were vetoed from our original lists: HIS - Summer, Haley, Katy - MINE - Aubrey, Olivia, Mara...

    So mostly I was just asking for thoughts, and ideas on compromising - obviously whether or not others like the names we've picked out or not won't have much influence on hubs - he is stubborn!

  • It sounds like you and your husband need to sit down and make another couple of short name lists. No flip-flopping, only names you currently like and WILL like for a while. Veto until you can both agree.
  • Hmmm..that does sound frustrating!!  I never thought DH and I would have problems, but oh boy -- our preliminary name discussions have not gone well!  I'm sure we'll be similar to you guys.

    It sounds like the two of you agree on a lot of the nicknames, but don't like the full names (like Maggie, hate Margaret, like Alex, hate Alexandra, like Ellie, but not Isabelle).

    My suggestion would be to go outside the box a bit on nicknames.  I think you can call the child anything you want, as long as it's somewhat related to their name.  I love nicknames though, so you might hate the idea.

    Like Maggie but hate Margaret?  Pick another M name that you both like, then just call her Maggie.  Ideas: Morgan, Madeline, Martha, Matilda, etc.

    Same for Alex -- there must be other girls names with A's and X's -- all I can think of though is Alexa.

    And Ellie -- what about Eleanor?

    Good luck deciding!

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  • Here's just a couple of name suggestions I thought of when I read this post...

    I knew a little girl named Brielle, and they called her Ellie for a nn, but that also goes back to the BJ initials...

    I also knew a girl named Alena which would be the female version on Allen, but you could call her Ally

    Try one of those sites where you type in names that you both like, and they choose different names based on what you already like, and maybe that will generate new ideas.

    Good luck!

  • image Joeypnut:

    Here's just a couple of name suggestions I thought of when I read this post...

    I knew a little girl named Brielle, and they called her Ellie for a nn, but that also goes back to the BJ initials...

    I also knew a girl named Alena which would be the female version on Allen, but you could call her Ally

    Try one of those sites where you type in names that you both like, and they choose different names based on what you already like, and maybe that will generate new ideas.

    Good luck!

    I thought the same thing:  Maybe that will help the brainstorming a bit.
  • Although I'm not near my due date yet, we are in the same boat as you guys.  DH and I cannot agree on a name for this baby girl!  It's freaking me out a little bit.  As soon as we pick one we think we both like I hear of several babies born with the same name...too popular!  Here's what you do...wait until she's born and see what she looks like to you.  Surely one of those names you'll both find fitting for her.  Of the ones you listed, I like Ella, Emma and Addison.  I also like Cole for a boy....but have you considered it for a girl too???  I know a baby born recently named Sarah Cole.  I like it!  GL with whatever you guys choose!
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  • I think Ella Jean would be very cute!
  • At this point, I'd toss out your whole list and get a name book and do the 'make a list' thing again. Start with 5 or 10 and work your way down. You may find some new combinations.

     Of your lists, my favorites are Jenna and Aubrey, but I also love Sophie.

    For Allie, you could also do Aileen or Alice.


  • What about Audrey? It isn't Aubrey, but has a classic twist to it.

    I'm really not a fan of anything on his list.

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