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anyone else working til the end?

Due date is the 10th and I plan to work til the end, but I'm having concerns about this lately.  I'm getting a bit anxious about going into labor at work...don't know why...I guess I watched too many of those "extreme birthing stories" where the woman has a contraction and has the baby 15 minutes later.  I guess I'm afraid of DH missing it even though he will just be a phone call away and work or home isn't far from the hospital.  I'm just trying to save all of my sick time/vacation time for after the baby comes. 

Anyone else having these concerns? I'm sure it will all be fine...and I HIGHLY doubt I'll be lucky enough to have a fast labor/birth...just a bit anxious.

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Re: anyone else working til the end?

  • I don't get ANY paid maternity leave so needless to say, I'll be working until the end.

    With DS, I did this and my water ended up breaking at home at 5 am. So it worked out for me, not being at work when I ended up going into labor.

  • I am due Wednesday, Jan 28th and plan to work through Friday, Jan 23.  I am a teacher and hope to be out as little as possible for my kids sake and because I of the number of sick days I have...every day I am not there is a day without pay.
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  • I'll be working until the end, no paid leave for me!

    Even if I go into labor at work, I'm only 30 minutes from the hospital that I'll be delivering at. I'm not worried about it that much.?

  • I work from home so I'll be here until the end.... no excuses available for me to get out early.
  • I'm not even close yet, but I'm working until the end. Luckily, my office is in my house though....
  • I am...sometimes I think I am insane.  However, 2 of the daycare kids are on vacation til January 12, so I have 3 kids during the day (including my DD), and one of those is only part time anyway.  Then I have a baby that comes in the evening, but she has started going to bed at 9 at night and doesn't even wake up when her mom comes to pick her up early in the morning (anywhere from about 1:45 am til 7 am).  So it's been fairly easy on me lately. 

    My fear right now is going into labor while the kids are here and being in pain and scaring htem.  I hope I can handle it enough til my back up daycare person gets here to cover for me while DH takes me to the hospital.

  • Working until the end as a high school teacher.  I will not receive pay while I am off so I want to take all my unpaid leave after the baby is here.  I'm only 15 minutes away from the hospital and my aunt work at the school and will take me to the hospital if she needs to.
  • I'm a kindergarten teacher and plan to work up until the end.  Although, with being off for the holidays, I find it hard to believe I have to go back to work next week and be active with 5 year olds all day. 

    It is my hope to work up until I go into labor or my c-section date.


  • I worked till my due date with my first but didn't deliever until 2 weeks past due so I don't know if that counts as working till the end.I did get nervouse toward the end though about going into labor at work but since I started contracting at 3am I would not have ben at work anyway.

    I plan to work till my due date or untl I go into labor this time too.

  • I'm due the 9th and although I feel like I will be going any time now (wishful thinking I'm sure) I will be working until the end.  I'd rather have my 12 weeks of leave (some paid some vaca some unpaid) with the baby then be sitting at home for a week or 2 and then only have 10 weeks with the baby. . . . We'll see if that changes in a week if he hasn't come out. . . . So far the buffalo wings, acuppressure points, work out ball and sex have done nothing to knock him out ; )

    I'm not afraid of going into labor at work. . . . although I'm not that close to the hospital I'll be delivering in I feel as though I'll have plenty of time if my water breaks at work  or contractions start.

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  • I worked til the end- no big deal.  In fact, the day of my last checkup, I was already 4cm and didn't know it.  I went back to work until about 6:45 that evening, figuring we would be going to the hospital sometime during the night.  We cleaned up the house for our parents who would be coming in, took showers and went to bed.  We finally went to the hospital at 4:30 the next morning.  My calendar at work (the little daily tear-off kind) is still on June 17th- my last day before DS was born.  I don't have the heart to change it!  :)  I worried that I might go into labor at work, but I just kept going each day as long as I felt normal. My office is only a couple of minutes from the hospital, though, so it was no problem to get there if something did happen.
  • I guess that was really all to say that you may be in labor at work and not even know it!  Chances are, you will have time to get to the hospital.  Save your time off- you will want it to spend time with your little one, and you will need it later if he/she is sick.  Don't blow it if you don't have to.
  • How is it for the ladies who are teachers, you don't get paid time off? ?Hell, I work at Starbucks and get 12 weeks mat. leave, 8 of which are paid @ 66% of my weekly earnings. ?Teachers have a more important job than I do. ?This is not fair. ?


  • I am not a teacher, but I work for a school district.  School employees in Texas get 5 paid state leave days per year, and each district usually gives 5 to 7 'local' leave days.  Other than that, you are paid based on a daily rate for the number of days you work (187 for most teachers), and that pay is annualized so that you are paid over 12 months.  That's just how the cookie crumbles.  You can take leave under FMLA, but unless you have disability insurance or have saved up your leave days, the leave is unpaid.
  • I am hoping to work 'til the end. My work is closer to the hospital than my house is.
  • image seresaleigh:

    How is it for the ladies who are teachers, you don't get paid time off?  Hell, I work at Starbucks and get 12 weeks mat. leave, 8 of which are paid @ 66% of my weekly earnings.  Teachers have a more important job than I do.  This is not fair.  


     It does suck, doesn't it?  And soooo many people tell me that I am so lucky and have such a gravy job with holidays off and summers off.  Whatever!  We're not paid for holidays or summers, but we can choose to have smaller checks during the year to get paid most of the summer.  Our health insurance is good, but I get no paid time off either, except for any sicks days I have built up or short term disability that I pay for.  Anyway, I'm off on a tangent....

    I'm a kindergarten teacher too and have already made a plan with my principal as to what will happen if I go into labor at school.  We've talked about what to do if DH is at work and if he's at home since he works over an hour away.  I was very worried about my kiddos and who would watch them if I had to leave in the middle of the day!

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  • Interesting and reassuring....thanks for your feedback!

    By the way....that is awesome that starbucks at least partially pays for maternity leave! Very progressive of them....I know a lot of other countries give longer and paid leaves.

    I'll use paid leave I've saved up including 6 weeks of sick time, 3 weeks vacation/personal time, then take some unpaid, then go back PT for a couple months than back to FT in July or August.  Money will be tight, but we will see...

    I'm allowed to stay out for a year and 12 weeks and my work (a community college) will pay my benefits and I hold my position.  I'd have to pay them back if I decided to not come back. Benefits are huge for us b/c DH has his own business so it is a pretty sweet deal compared to a lot of places...still not quite what some of the European countries get, but still....

    Thanks again everyone!

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  • Planning to work until the end.  I get 6 weeks paid mat. leave, I'd like to use most if not all of it with the baby.  I feel it's a waste to use any of it before.....it just doesn't seem like a lot and I want to be with him as much as possible.
  • I am working until 5 days before my due date.  I will drive DH crazy if I stop working any sooner than that.  I also teach but am fortunate to have enough sick leave saved up so I will not have to take unpaid leave.
  • I'm going to be a SAHM, but I want to work as long as possible.  I might as well collect a paycheck.  My due date is April 3, I'm thinking of working until March 13, but lately I've been thinking of working longer than that.  I'm just going to see what happens and how I feel.  My employer is super flexible about it and I'm still going to do some things from home for him after I've officially left my job at the office.
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  • Worked up until the very end with DS #1. (Left work around 11:30 to go to my OB appointment at 40 wks and 3 days and was having contractions etc. He was born at 1:23 am that night!

    With this baby, I have a c-section scheduled for January 13th. I'll work up until Friday the 9th because I have appointments scheduled for most of Monday the 12th.

    I'd be so bored if I left work early to stay home! Plus, I have too much to do as I'm not returning FT.

  • I'm due on Sunday (6 days away - holy cow!!) - and am working up until the end as well, as I want to save all my sick/vacation time for AFTER Baby comes... and yes, I'm also getting a little anxious wondering when/how/where labor will start, etc. Also getting a little panicky about what I still have to do at work to get my temp ready... at least she's already started (last week) so we've gotten a handle on the basics :) Good luck to you!!

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