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EPing Moms - How did you increase supply?

I went back to work last week and am now only nursing once a day (6am). We are feeding him at 6am, 10am,  2pm, 6pm and 10pm...6-oz each time. The first few days were fine...but the last few seem that I am not producing enough.

One side is the super boob and produces 5oz (at least she was). The other side is my broken boob and only produces 1oz at a time (slacker). How do I increase production so that I am consistently producing enough? Also, as he needs more, how will that work?

I had only been pumping for 15-min at a time. How much do you think I should increase that?

I don't want to give up....

Re: EPing Moms - How did you increase supply?

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