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Anyone stop BFing/EPing at 3 months?

Making it to 3 months has always been my goal and I'm almost there. I've been EPing since week 1 becuase DD couldn't latch. It's been sooooo exhausting. I'm ready to quit but then I feel like I'm selfish. My mom BF for only 3 months for my sister and I-- and w'ere fine. I'm just still not sure....

Re: Anyone stop BFing/EPing at 3 months?

  •  say making it to 3 months is quite an accomplishment!

    I'm EP'ing and have no idea how long I will make it. The most difficult part is managing having less sleep b/c you can't sleep when the baby sleeps b/c you have to pump. I guess it is getting a bit better b/c I can sometimes keep her entertained while she is awake and I pump....but it is definitely stressful.  I

  • I'm nearing the 3 month mark and have some decisions to make.  I am also EPing and am absolutely miserable.  It has been a constant struggle/battle for me to maintain my supply.  I've done everything under the sun to increase my volume, and nothing has worked - not even Domperidone.  I'm still on the fence about quitting at the 3 month mark (my initial goal month) or continuing.  It's a tough decision to make for sure.  Sorry I don't have any advice - I'm right there with ya.
  • I EP too I dont know how much longer I will go. I think 3 months is great!!
  • Oh god...I can't even imagine having supply issues on top of everything else.
  • So sorry to hear you are struggling! If you are stressing I think that the baby can tell. I say its not worth it. Me and my siblings, husband, etc were all formula fed and turned out just fine. Don't beat yourself up if its time to make a change. Just enjoy your baby!
  • I was a formula baby anmd turned out fine.   When to stop breastfeeding is a personal decision, if you feel it's time then it's time.
  • You should be proud of yourself for breastfeeding for 3 months. That is awesome!

    That is longer than 69% of babies:

    "The CDC report found that among infants born in 2004, the rate of exclusive breast-feeding through the first three months after birth was 31 percent, shy of the government's goal of 60 percent, and through six months was 11 percent, below the government target of 25 percent."

    I hope to go one year, but I am not EPing and am no longer having any problems. My mom did not BF us kids (it was the 1970s, when BFing was at an all-time low) and I think if she'd have BF us kids just a few weeks or months, we'd have fewer allergies than we do.

  • My goal was also 3 months.  I would have quit then but it hit right at Thanksgiving and I didn't want to travel AND start formula (too much change at once for the little one).  I went till Christmas week because I figured I could dry up away from work.  Now we are going through our frozen supply.  I have 4 days left and am feeling guilty for not going longer BUT I have to say it is really nice to not pump anymore.  My pedi said making it to 3 months is important because that is when their immune system kicks in (course my DS has had a cold since the 3rd day of daycare). 

    Don't feel selfish.  Your sanity and sleep will help her too!

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