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when did you start exercising?

i've taken DS on a few walks around the neighborhood, but it's at a more leisurely pace. ?when did you start getting a more intense workout?

i honestly hate the way i look (belly, boobs, etc) and am anxious to knock some of this weight off and get my body back. ?i know i'm only 2w PP but it's making me really sad to look in the mirror.?

Re: when did you start exercising?

  • Still haven't found time to exercise. I can't wait for the weather to get nicer (even though its in the 60s it is always rainy/overcast) so we can go on walks in their new pimpity cool stroller.
  • I did sit ups twice and then decided if I had spare time I best sleep Stick out tongue As depressing as it may be, I would totally not worry about exercising at 1 week pp. At that point, it was all I could do to just get through the day. To answer your question I wouldn' start a more intense workout until after your 6 week pp check up.
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  • I am starting tomorrow. I felt well enough to do it before, but used the 6 weeks to be with my baby and family... Now, it is time to hit the gym hard!
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  • Not yet. ?Hopefully tomorrow when DH gets me my exercise equipment from storage.

    I personally wouldn't start until at least your 6 week check up. ?Your body needs to rest right now. ?My first month PP I lost 30lbs just taking care of DS.
  • i have walked some (starting 1 wk pp) and been doing wii fit in the last week. i could barely walk aroubd the house 1 week pp due to all the pain from stitches
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  • walking is a good idea as soon as you can. my gym won't let you back til you are 12 wks pp and that is with a dr. note. whatever you do - don't do sit ups right away - it will actually make your belly poof outwards if you do it too soon.
  • I can technically only walk now, but my form of exercise is running after and hauling around both girls.  I'm 6 weeks pp tomorrow so I will be cleared to fully exercise after my pp checkup (had another c/s).
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  • Aside from walking, there's no way I could exercise right now.  My incision is still pretty sore, especially with increased activity.  That being said, I lost 30lbs at my 2 week pp visit.  I doubt I've lost much more since then though.  Honestly at this point I'm just trying to figure out what I'm doing and surviving, exercise is about the last thing on my mind.
  • Haven't found the time yet, crazy. I did get the Wii Fit for Christmas, so I'm hoping I can do a little of that for now. IF I find the time and dedication to go to the gym, I won't go until I get the okay from my dr at 6 week pp visit.
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  • I'll let you know..

    It's shitty weather outside and we have no exercise equipment, and I know DH is too cheap to spring for a treadmill [because running is the only exercise that I can tolerate].

    T-minus 6 months until bikini season, so I am more than ready to start working out! I might try getting some cardio videos to do at home while Josie is napping, because that's all I can think to do.

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  • I did as much as I could tolerate. If you feel any pain, obviously, stop! I think its better to work up to regular pace gradually. That way you don' thave to just jump back in on any set date, but your body is already used to the movement, etc.

    Good luck! 

  • I have been ready to.  But haven't been cleared to do more than light walking yet (c-section).  But the times I have done anything remotely resembling exercise I have started bleeding again from over-doing it.  I am itching to get back into it soon.  We went for a nice walk yesterday.

    You need your rest now, try to enjoy it.


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  • I only walked the first month, and even if I overdid that I would be in pain. We started hiking when I was about a month pp, but I didn't get back to the gym until a couple weeks ago.


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