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screaming when hungry

since day 1, my DD wakes up from a deep sleep and is inconsolable until i feed her. she is funny now- wakes up, screams and screams...i take out the boob and she stops crying and opens her mouth like a little bird. is this normal? i wish when she woke up, i had 5 minutes to prepare or pee or anything but shes a monster when hungry! im a little nervous to go out around "feeding" times because she cant be calmed down very much when she is hungry. i tried at the beginning and even now, to wake her a little before she normally feeds so she wouldnt be ravenous but its a lost cause-she goes back to bed or won't feed.


suggestions or will she just get a little better as she gets older. btw- she will be 4 weeks tomorrow.?

Re: screaming when hungry

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