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PB&J for Toddlers..

when can i start PBJ Sandwiches?


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Re: PB&J for Toddlers..

  • We started at 10 months, ds was at a friends and he had one and didn't have a reaction so that's when we started, however the pediatrician said 2 years. We however have no food allergies in our family. I have heard that if you have food allergies in your family it is best to wait until 2-3 years.
  • They say not until at least a year for peanut butter, let dc take a small taste of peanut butter before you let her have a lot VERY IMPORTANT: make sure you have benedryl on hand!!!!!!

    I let Cruz try peanut butter at 15 months just a tiny taste off a spoon and 3 minutes later he had red blotches all around his mouth.  I haven't tried any other nuts but I have heard sometimes they are ok with almond butter instead of peanut butter.

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  • My DD likes peanut butter on crackers but won't eat PB&J.

    I let her start eating it at 18 months, but like others I gave her just a little to see how she reacted.

    I have heard SoyButter is a good alternative to peanut butter, but DD won't touch the stuff.

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  • We started at 18 months but have no peanut allergies in the family.
  • My ped actually says not to give it until 3 years old.  I actually dont' really like peanut butter so it hasn't been a big deal to not give it to Ben.

     Also, be careful because one accidental eating with no reaction doesn't necessarily mean they're OK.  It is often on the second or third exposure that you see the reaction.   at least that's what my ped said. 

    Anyway, ask your ped what their latest research tells what you should do.  It will also be different if you have family history of peanut allergies, and if your child has any risks or warning signs for allergies - like asthma, eczema, etc...

  • We don't have any peanut allergies in our family either so we thought it would be fine..... so don't bank on the fact that if no one in the family has it that dc won't have any problems.  Like I said try it but keep the benedryl close by!
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  • I haven't had experience with this yet, I had always heard to wait on PB but then just recently I read about a study where they found that kids who were exposed to PB early actually had fewer peanut allergies later on. So who knows...not much help, am I?
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  • I only recently let Hannah have a tiny taste of peanut butter at 2 1/2.  I still debated letting her have some.  They are now saying that kids shouldn't be exposed to nuts until they are 3.
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  • We waited almost until DS's 2nd birthday.  He was probably 23 months and now still only offer it sparingly. 
  • Mason hasn't had pb yet.  He had one small bite of a cookie I didn't realize was peanut butter until I took a bite.  And no nuts.  We did/still have an issue with some milk, makes him break out.  We have no food allergies on either side. 

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