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Moving to toddler bed?

I have to decide whether to get a second crib or whether to get Evie a toddler bed and put the new baby in her crib. ?I looked at cribs that convert to toddler beds, but they are a lot more expensive than just buying a toddler bed. ?She will be 18 months old when the new baby is that too young for a toddler bed?

Re: Moving to toddler bed?

  • Honestly, it really depends on your child. DD was done with her crib at 16 months, but wasn't quite ready to be in a toddler bed until she was around 20 months. Also, she could be sleeping in a twin right now, but we happened to find a toddler bed frame for cheap and just went for it.

    I have a friend with a DD the same age as mine, and her child is not ready at all. They have a new baby and had to buy a new crib because their DD just won't sleep in the toddler bed. Even at day care all the kids nap on pads, and her child sleeps in a Pack N Play because she needs the enclosure.

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  • We moved Brett to a toddler bed at 15 months, We were borrowing a crib and the other family was having another baby. I would recommend using the toddler bed with a portacrib near by if you go this route! Also move her 1-2 months BEFORE the baby. For obvious reasons. :-) We usually found the first month was a joke, we would lie down with ds and then he would end up in the port a crib, month 2 it was 50/50 and month 3 he goes down great with me rubbing his back. But that just our experience. Hope that helps!
  • Man, we didn't move Tillman until he was almost three.  He loved his crib, so we just left him be.  We always kept a twin bed in his room and one day I came home from an evening out with some girlfriends and he was sleeping it.  Around this time he was literally outgrowing his crib and he could climb not just out, but back in as well, so I'm glad he made the switch on his own.

    Anyway, I do kind of think that 18 months is too young, but that's probably just because I know that Tillman was not ready at 18 months.

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  • My absolute honest opinion is - you are in for a huge headache if you switch Evie to a toddler bed.  She is still  ababy and will be for a long time.

     You are going to be exhausted with a new baby and don't need any more reason for the older child to want to wakeyou all night long.

    Plus with a new baby in the house you want Evie to be as secure feeling as possible and not threatened that her life is changing so dramatically.

    I would just go to Walmart and grab a $99 new crib.  Nothing needs to be fancy. I have an extra crib mattress if you'd like it.

    I didn't put Alex in a toddler bed til three.

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  • I agree with Laura, Cruz is 16 months and there is no way he is anywhere near ready to switch to a toddler bed.  I have friends that have done the switch so they didn't have to buy another crib and its been a nightmare.  They end up having to babygate their kids in their rooms and kids end up sleeping on the floor or worse yet they give in and now they have the new baby AND toddler in bed sleeping with them!  What about getting one of those portable cribs for the new baby until she is ready for a big bed?
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  • I would definitely get another crib.   It will be good ot have a place where you know she's contained and can play a little when you need to attend to the baby.
  • I am a little late but here is our experience. Logan, we freaked out and put him in a toddler bed the first time he climbed out (18 mos or so) and it was a nightmare. He ran out of his room, too young to think mom and dad were not playing a game with him. I had to sit in his room for nap time, super nanny style, and place him back into his bed every few minutes. It made me crazy (even crazier since in was pg with Liam at the time and exhausted and needed a nap too). I called Shane on multiple occasions crying because I needed him to NAP. We finally put a lock on the inside of his door to keep him in. Mostly because we lived first floor of an apt. building that he could have easily gotten out at different places. It was not easy. Liam, we waited. He climbed in and out of the bed but not very often. We installed upper locks on the doors which we lock at night now. He slept in his big boy bed first night NO PROBLEM. Second night NO PROBLEM. Nap NOT A PROBLEM. He was 2 years and 8 months. He probably would have stayed in the crib longer if we let him. He was super happy. Not only that but about 3 weeks after we put him in the toddler bed, we got the bunk to Logan's bed and put the boys together and that is how it has been ever since. They love it and sleep like angels.?

    I'd get another crib. ?

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  • We're waiting to move Payton to a toddler bed for a while.  She's still so little and not trying to climb out, I just assume she stay in there as long as possible.  :) 
  • I thought of this this morning:

    Ask yourself - Would you move Evie if there wasn't a baby coming?

    If your answer is No, then why would you force her to do something that would not be an issue if a new baby wasn't on the way.

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