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Poll: will you do anything different for next pregnancy?

including labor and delivery?

I want to go natural because I think I can, I think I can!

I don't want to know the sex of the next baby, although DH does. If he tells me I'll probably kill him.

I'll be more involved with the birth. With Josie I was so focused on pushing that I kept my eyes closed the whole time. I didn't reach down to touch her head when they offered, I didn't watch her be born, I didn't get her on my chest and instead sent her to the warmer right away. Next time I want to watch the baby come out and I want to do skin to skin before they clean it.

 Anyone else wanna do anything differently next time?


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Re: Poll: will you do anything different for next pregnancy?

  • Totally natural water birth at home with a midwife. I will not make the same mistake twice by going to the damn hospital!
  • i'm definitely changing my ob and hospital

    I don't want to find out the sex of the next baby, either.  I think this time I want to be surprised!

    I'll work out more, eat a little healthier (lol at least I"ll TRY)

    I'm definitely going to tell the drs to redo the epidural if it doesn't work again because I went natural this time and there's no way in hell i'm doing it again.  Nope.  '

    I want to bf the next time, and I want to do skin to skin the moment the baby comes out and bf right away.

  • The only thing different I would like to do is go completely natural, I made it to 7.5 cm before getting the epidural.
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  • I will try for a VBAC, and since I handled the pain of contractions so well the first time, I would also like to go natural Smile ?

    And I will not worry so much during the first trimester, and instead try to find more positive things to think about so I can try and enjoy the first 3 months a little more than before Stick out tongue

    I CAN'T wait until we TTC for DC #2 Big Smile?

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  • BTW I did skin to skin the moment Fenton was born and it was the most amazing experience, the nurses tried to take before I got to see him and my OB had to stop them so if you want to do skin to skin make sure your OB and the nurses know your wishes ahead of time!
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  • I may look into having a c-section next time because I broke my tailbone during delivery and it is still painful. The recovery from that was worse than any part of the actual labor or delivery.
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  • Ditto pp: Not gain 40 lbs!!!!
  • Lay off the cookies and try not to gain as much weight

    Get the epidural sooner, there was no need for me to wait three hours like I did with my second.

    EDIT - and I'm going to straight to formula, not screwing around with breastfeeding.  I tried it with both babies and hated it both times.  I doubt anything would change with a third.

  • Next time I won't eat so much in my first trimester.

    I won't be so eager for my belly to grow. I'll know it will be huge before I know it.

    I will stay in my regular clothes longer before going to maternity.

    I won't be so impatient for the baby to come towards the end. I'll remember that no matter how umcomfortable I am pregnant, an outside baby means more work and less sleep! LOL!

    I will ask for my epidural the minute I arrive at the hospital instead of trying to see how far I could get on my own. I waited too long and went through a lot of pain I didn't have to.

  • I'd like the baby's sex to be a surprise, but I'm such a planner, so I don't know.

    I plan to work-out more during pg, and I'll probably be a bit more laid-back.

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  • watch my weight a little more closely. i over indulged quite a bit.
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  • I want to exercise more during my next pregnancy!!! Im really paying the price now for not exercising enough. I also want to be more involved in the birth, i was so scared this time...that i too just closed my eyes. I want to try to relax more and take it all in because it will probably be my last baby.

  • I am starting to think to be suprised about the sex would be nice.

    Loss more weight before getting pregnant and exercise more when I am.

    Let DH cut the cord... they were too quick with DS and he missed out.

    Don't buy a house the last month of pregnancy!! :) Too much stress!

     Relax and enjoy it..

     I also can't wait to TTC for #2!

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  • I want to actually go into labor!  I had to be induced at 41 weeks 5 days, and woundup having to have a c/s, giving birth at 41 weeks 6 days.  I was hoping for an all natural waterbirth at my birthing home with my mw.  Hopefully it'll go that way next time around.
  • I want to try and not be pregnant over the summer. That was the worst. I was so darn hot all summer long.

    I am so glad I had a C-section and plan to have one again. My DD was 9 pounds 11.5 oz with a huge head. So glad that didnt go through my hoo hoo.

    I want an ultrasound done later in pregnancy. We didnt find out she was breech until I was 5 cm dialated. It would be nice to have known sooner so I could have been emotionally prepared for my c-section, I cried all the way through it and don't remember much.

  • Don't move to a new city during my last trimester! I was completely useless and I felt so bad for DH. I'd also like to try to have a home birth, if possible. It just became legal here(I'm in South Dakota) in July and right now there aren't any midwives on my side of the state who practice out-of-hospital.
  • I had a pretty good pregnancy and labour/delivery so I can't think of anything I would do differently except that I would buy more cute maternity clothes. Shallow, I know, but I'd really like to go somewhere in a really cute maternity dress.
  • Enjoy my pregnancy a little more.  I was so anxious about giving birth that I couldn't even read a baby book (or go to my childbirth classes) without having an anxiety attack.  I will have another c section, and this time I will not pretend I am Superwoman and try to take as little meds as possible.  Also, I will follow my instincts about breastfeeding, try harder at it, and not listen to advice people who know nothing about it try to give me.  Oh and gain less weight!!
  • Hopefully won't need to be induced and then have a c-section.
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  • I would try and not gain as much and I would do more kegels.  I would love it if I didn't leak when I sneeze or cough.

  • I want to stay fit the whole time because I feel better when I am.

    We want to keep the sex a secret since it will be our last baby and we want to have one last surprise.

    I will allow pictures of the birth. (to a point) Big Smile

    I want to take pregnancy pictures


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  • I am going to go with the "What is meant to be, will be" school of thought. ?I worried and worried with DS, did all of the prenatal tests, etc... did everything by the book, and lo and behold, he came 10 weeks early. ?Of course I will be cautious next time and see a high-risk OB, but I will put my trust in fate, not do the tests, and just enjoy my time being pregnant... for hopefully 40 long weeks! I truly want to be huge and uncomfortable.?image
  • I'll do everything the same way. My ob was awesome and my husband rocked! This time I won't be too nervous about a c-section since I recovered quickly from this one. I think that the key to a quick recovery for me was that I got up and walked as soon as the nurses allowed me.

  • Thanks for starting this post! I have a 9 1/2 month old and am 8 weeks pg with my second baby. ?You girls made me think of all kinds of things want to do different this time! :)
  • During labor this time, I will?definitely?tell the nurse if I begin to feel a contraction while I have the epidural. I didn't last time until I was 9.5 cm and then it stopped working altogether.?

    If my epidural doesn't work, or if I have to go natural, I do NOT want narcotics while I am being repaired. The narcotics were useless; it just made me feel out of it but I could still feel the pain.

    But what I want the most is for my baby to not have the cord around his neck. Because it was, his heartrate dropped and he had to go to the NICU for 3.5 hours after he was born. I didn't really get to see him until he was 2 hours old!?


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  • I am really happy with my experience, at least the parts I could control.  I had no intention of going naturally, and was eager when OB scheduled my induction when I went past my due date.  I jumped at the first offer of pain meds and when they said I could have the epi, I was thrilled.  The labor hadn't been that difficult up to that point, but I didn't want to wait until it was.  I only pushed for 40 minutes before DS was born.  I am a teacher, also, and really liked the timing of Sept baby.  The hardest months of the pregnancy I was able to relax without worrying about having to go to work.

    The only part of the experience I was unhappy with was the horror of not hearing DS cry right away.  When they broke my water, there was meconium in it, so when DS was born, they didn't stimulate him to breathe.  It was the longest minute or so of my entire life.  I didn't even notice the OB stitching me up.

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  • I will call my OB the moment I know I am pregnant and ask for a zofran prescription (so I don't end up in the hospital at 7 weeks), and then I will ask for a prescription for heartburn. I am not going to suffer through it again from week 13 until birth with just TUMS. I was dehydrated in labor because even water gave me horrific heartburn.

    Everything else - I wouldn't change...

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