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Chance of a lifetime??? (long)

OMG... so apparently DH's rich dad and stepmom are moving overseas for 1 year for work.  FIL called today and asked if we'd like to move into their house in Houston while they are gone...for the whole year.  That would mean  no rent to pay, no utilities, and we'd get to move from our ghetto philly townhome to a ridiculously nice house  with an elevator / pool etc.

It sounds like a no-brainer, right?  I mean we'd be living in luxury and could easily save up a house downpayment while there.  Right now we are barely scraping by.  But I'm torn because we'd be away from DS's other sister....our friends...for a whole year!!!  :(  I want to cry just thinking about it.  I'd really miss everyone and they'd miss seeing DS.  

 On the bright side, if we were saving almost 100% of my income (I work remotely) then maybe we could afford to come up and visit a few times in the year.

This is such a huge decision!!! It is so far away.  But we are in a unique position of both working remotely and our lease is about to end.

We have to make a decision this week so we can plan the move....


Re: Chance of a lifetime??? (long)

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