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What do you bring to daycare?

So, we were supposed to have a meeting with the teacher at our daycare yesterday but with the weather, I wasn't able to make it. We are planning to have a trial run at the daycare next week before we start DD in January. However, we've never done this before, so I'm not really sure what to bring for her. I know she'll need the normal diaperbag essentials for a day out but are there other things you normally bring for DC to daycare?

Re: What do you bring to daycare?

  • we bring enough labeled bottles for each feeding (take home and wash each night), enough diapers for the day (we do cloth, perhaps you could stockpile more there?), change of clothes, slippers or shoes to keep her socks on, frozen breastmilk for the day, wipes (as needed), and a paci to keep at daycare.  I think that's about it... 
  • We were given a list.  The only thing we bring daily are his bottles. Diapers and clothing changes stay in his cubby. The center provides wipes and bibs, unless we want to bring our own.  If he comes home in the accident outfit, I bring another spare the next day.
  • Diapers
    Extra change of clothing
    Baby Food
    Changing Pad
    Anything else that DD might like... we brought a stuffed duck that she sleeps with at daycare (only).

  • Diapers, wipes & blanket left there.

    Change of clothes, bottles, milk, tylenol, burp rag, changing pad, timer brought daily.


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  • We bring a supply of diapers and wipes and a can of formula that is left there. They notify us when they are low and we bring more. In the bag I have a change of clothes in case of a blow out. Which has happened and 1 Bottle for the day marked with his name on the botton of it. We have to mark all bottles and formula with his name. We have come home with other kids bottles. That is pretty much it.

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    Now, Ds has a cup

    Used to have 3 bottle/Formula in the can we left at Daycare


    Change of clothes (pants & onsie)


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