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ugh ..... greyed whites

One of our sitters bought each kidlet an outfit for Christmas...  Gabe's had black cord pants (see where this is going).... we unknowingly (ok, I) washed them with all their other stuff and now have LOTS OF GREY clothes... their cream fuzzy hanna andersson sweatshirts with the reindeer... their cute santa and gingerbread onsie outfits... onsies and socks....  a tshirt of auds...

anyone have tips for getting this out?  It all went thru the dryer... of course and is now soaking in the washer with a buttload of oxy.

ugh.   frustration...... I have HAD IT....

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Re: ugh ..... greyed whites

  • Definitely try the oxy clean, if that doesn't work (and I realize this would probably be a complete pain but) a lot of stores will let you return something if it got ruined in the wash. I had this happen to a set of Hotel towels from Macy's ... I actually cried I was so upset. I just took them back to Macy's and told them what happened (DH had washed them with color safe bleach) and they turned green (they were supposed to be ivory). They replaced them immediately.
  • Try setting them out in the little bit of sun we are supposed to get today. Sun is a natural bleacher.

    I don't have any other suggestions except that maybe to soak the offending pants in vinegar to help set the dye so it won't happen again?

    I am so sorry that happened! I hate it when the wash gets screwed up... just wait until the green coloring crayon makes it through the wash and the dryer - worse then gum!

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  • Oxy clean for sure!  Jas had a glass of red wine this weekend and as we were opening family gifts ended up spilling the whole glass on 4 new outfits for Addie.  I ran a small load and dumped in quite a bit of oxy clean then let it soak in the washer over night.  I too have done this with reds and oxy clean took it out like a champ!
  • Ugh.... I am so ticked.  ...  they are soaking away.... here's hoping....  at the same time though, at least it was mainly christmas stuff 2 days before... :)  not like they would wear them much longer....
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