2nd Trimester

Back pain anyone?

Hey 2nd Tri! First post here and I am in pain! My back is aching constantly. Yesterday I literally had a pain in my butt!  From what I read its pretty normal to have if you've had a previous injury, which I've had.

Can you recommend any remedy's, stretches, heat, etc? 


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Re: Back pain anyone?

  • I recommend Chiropractic care!  I have lower back pain all the time and on Thanksgiving morning I woke up to find my left leg didn't want to move it hurt so bad.  The chiorpractor has almost eliminated the discomfort.


  • I have had low back pain in the evenings, especially when I've been extra busy all day.  I've tried to be conscious of my posture, but other than that, I stretch on the floor before going to bed.

    The stretches I do are: lay on my back and pull my knees up to my chest and then I also sit on my shins and stretch my body and arms over my thighs, reaching forward as far as I can.  I probably won't be able to do either of these for too much longer as my belly gets bigger!

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  • It sounds like sciatica which I also suffer from. I haven't found a whole lot that helps for me. Sometimes I use a heating pad which only works for me about 50% of the time but it might work better for you. I've heard that some people visit a chiropractor for it but I wouldn't suggest that unless its really bad.
  • Depending on what area is bothering you the most, there are specific exercises.  My midwife gave me an exercise for my lower right back pain.  I would ask your doctor for some help.

    Lay on your back, put your folded knee to your chest, push back and forth trying to create resistance when you push forward.  Do this about 10 times 3 times a day.

    It really helps for lower right back pain.


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  • i recommend a good massage and a heating pad. Ive had pretty bad lower abck pain and it always helps me
  • I'm seeing an RMT who also does acupuncture.  I never ever believed it would work, but it does.  Truly.

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  • I also have really bad pain, and I am thinking it's sciatica. I am going to ask my doctor about it when I go in next Monday to see if there is anything they can recommend for me.
  • Wow I just laid down and did some of the recommendation's and I already feel a little relief. Thank you !!!! 
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  • I've had some lower back pain, and I had a pinched nerve in my extreme lower back that has been acting up again.  I've found massage helps.  I go at least every other week (every week is better if you have the time and the money).  At first it wasn't the most comfortable because they had to work out a lot of tension but after 3 weeks, the pain was gone.  I have to keep going to stay ahead of it, but it has really helped me.
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  • my nurse told me to lay on my back with my legs on the couch so that i'm in an L position and then raise my hips and kind of swivel.  first time i did that about 18 different things popped and it felt wonderful.
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