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Have you been those parents yet?

Before we had babies, you would see babies/kids scream and have meltdown in public. Now we are more understanding of these things. But everyone still stares. Have you been those parents yet?

So far, I have not. But we don't take DS out much either. He has been awesome when we have gone out to eat a few times now.

Re: Have you been those parents yet?

  • I haven't even been a mom for a full 3 weeks yet, but I've taken Lucy to the store a few times so far.  She's slept the entire time each time. =)  So, so far so good.  In a couple of months when she's more active we'll see how it goes...
  • My dh was once.  He brought our ds into Target and he screamed the whole time.  He tried taking him out of the cart. zipping him around the store, and entertaining him.  NOTHING worked.  He called me and told me he left his cart full of items and left the store! 

     I used to work at the Target store and hated when "those parents" were shopping with the child crying.  I must say I am much more easy going about it now!

  • At Max's christening he was the only baby who cried during the ceremony. We fed him and he was fine. He was also the oldest baby though (3 months and  the others were about a month old) so he is more active. Once he was fed he was fine.

    Note... feed baby right before.

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  • I received a warm, knowing glance from another mother the other day at Target when DS was screaming.
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  • Not yet, but we don't take her out much.

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  • I take both girls out shopping a lot. Natalie has started to whimper before, and I just pick her up and hold her while pushing Audrey in the stroller. I just get a lot of funny looks for having two babies. And I've seriously been asked if they were dolls before - several times.
  • DD's been out alot with us lately. She's usually very good. But I had lunch with a friend this week & DD was fighting sleep at the table. She started freaking out. She's a very loud baby. I got up to go change her & everyone stared at me like I was hurting her. I laughed b/c she's just loud.
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    I take both girls out shopping a lot. Natalie has started to whimper before, and I just pick her up and hold her while pushing Audrey in the stroller. I just get a lot of funny looks for having two babies. And I've seriously been asked if they were dolls before - several times.

    Because we all like to take our dolls shopping! That's crazy.

  • Usually missy prissy sleeps in her carseat the whole time im at the store, but about 3 weeks ago i was grocery shopping and she started screaming soooo loud.  I was pulling her out of the seat to try to finish shopping while holding her and some guys in the meat department started making cracks about people shouldnt take kids out to annoy other people.  but there was a lady with kids who winked at me.  I felt like I had just joined some special club or something, haha.
  • I don't really take DD out much but I will never forget the 2nd time she went to see her pedi.  She screamed so loud the entire time we were there (an hour and a half) that you could hear her before you walked in the front door.  When we were walking out I received so many nasty looks as if I was in the room beating my child.  Very embarassing but it is what it is.
  • Yep. ?We were those folks when Lily was 2 months old- and even worse, we were those folks on a plane.?



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  • DS did the whole screaming fit. I was just trying to get in and out and he was screaming like crazy. I got really red, started sweating and freaked out!!!! I picked him up and he was better. I rarely ever go out shopping now for a while without a second to push the cart another to hold taylor

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  • We have had several meltdowns in public already! We go out a lot though. Some of the time he will just sleep or happily look around, but a lot of the time he will meltdown after awhile if we are there too long. It's so embarrassing because people really do look at you like you are a bad mother or something :/ Now when I see other moms with screaming babies I give them the knowing look and smile
  • I still have little patience with parents who let their kids scream in public places.  I make sure to feed my DS before leaving the house and carry extra bottles just in case.  I get embarrassed if/when my DS throws a fit.  I took my niece out for lunch after picking her up from school on day and we had just ordered our food when DS woke up and started crying.  My niece fed him and he calmed down for a bit but he got antsy and started screaming, which was very unusual, because normally he's fine when we go out.  He must not have like the atmosphere or something.  Just very strange.  Anyway, our food arrived and he's crying and screaming.  I couldn't eat my lunch because I was trying to calm him down.  I let my niece finish her meal and I got my food to go.  Thankfully, we were there between the main dining times (around 2pm), so there were only a few diners there.  Having worked in a restaurant, I refuse to sit there and let my child scream and disturb others while they're trying to dine. 
  • We've taken DD to several places and the only place she had a meltdown at was babies R us.  We thought that was pretty ironic. 
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