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Home from the Hospital!!

We had a very rough few days.  Thursday night I noticed Max having a hard time breathing. He was struggling on his own but as soon as I moved or roused him he responded and started breathing on his own. I called the pedi in the morning and went in. They sent us to the ER and contacted our Pedi GI.  In the ER, they ruled out RSV and tested him for pretussis (whopping cough).  They admitted us for observation for possible apnea.  However, the chest XRay showed possible pneumonia in his right lung.  What they think happened his he refluxed and aspirated into his lung.  He then quit breathing for a few seconds in order to protect his airway.  We spent 2 nights hooked up to IV antibiotics, IV Pepcid (to help his reflux) and monitors.  All in all, they atributed everything to his reflux. 

He didn't have any other episodes where he stopped breathing though his respiration rate does drop a little too low sometimes.  We are home now. I'm so glad to be home.  He is still on his 2 reflux meds, antibiotics, and they switched his formula again, and we are thickening his feeds. He is having a hard time with the thickened feeds.  Tomorrow I'm supposed to call and set up an appointment for Occupational Therapy to work on his eating.  He is so much happier. I love IV Pepcid.  It works so much better than the oral.  He is asleep in the bouncy. This NEVER happens.  I have to hold him all the time!  He is a new baby. I hope this continues. 

Did anything exciting happen around here?

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