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Advice- Newborn girls - vernix in vaginal area??

Hi ladies.

DD is 3 weeks old now, but she stil has some vernix like stuff in her vaginal area, sort of inside the big folds of her labia (in the vaginal area), but outside of the little inner ones. Hope that makes sense. 

At the hospital they said not to bother trying to get it out, that it would go away, but I assumed it would go away before now. At her 2 week check up the doctor definitely wasn't concerned, but told me to go ahead and clean it out with a q tip. Well, I tried that, but it really doesn't come out, and I don't want to be rough. 

Anyone else remember their DD having this? Does it go away? Did you get it out? I wish I had asked if it really was vernix, or something else. It looks the same.



Re: Advice- Newborn girls - vernix in vaginal area??

  • My DD had this until about 4 weeks, the pedi said it was normal.  I did wipe it out with baby wipes though.  
  • yeah, she had a discharge for a while.  we just kept wiping it out and now it is gone.
  • Yeah, my DD had it too, I never bothered to ask the doctor about it (bad mommy?) but it has gone away. I never messed with it though.
  • Is there a chance that it's discharge? DD gets it too, and we sometimes clean it out with a wipe [TMI but her poo is crazy and gets everywhere, including her labia so we have to clean it out anyways]. If it won't come out, maybe try cleaning it after she's soaked in a warm bath for awhile.
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  • Do you use diaper cream?  I made the mistake of thinking that I was getting all her lady parts clean, but I failed miserably!  I just happened to take a closer look and realized that I was not getting her vagina clean enough, inside the big folds--it was full of diaper cream.  Maybe that could be what you're seeing? 

    Honestly, it was a two person job getting in there to clean it out, I had DH hold her while I went in with the wipes.  I was definitely a bit more rough than I normally would be, but she didn't seem to mind.  Now I try to really be sure I get in there with each diaper change, though we haven't had to do the two person job again!

  • Yep, DD had it, our pedi said to use some baby oil on a q-tip after a few weeks.  It worked liek a charm, I did it right after a bath and it was all gone.
  • Hmm. Im sure its not diaper cream (we do use it, but I haven't been putting it inside the folds- partly so I can tell when this stuff goes away) and its not the discharge (she was getting that too in the beginning, but this really looks like vernix and doesn't come and go- it just stays there, stuck).

    Maybe I should try the baby oil on a q tip? 

    I tried doing it just with a q tip after bath time and it still didnt work. 


  • I don't have a little girl but if it's not easily wiping off - I wouldn't try to roughly get it out.  You could try gently wiping it out with a soft washcloth during her bath after she's soaked a bit - if that doesn't work - talk to your pedi again. 

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  • My DD had it for while, like 1-2 months. I would try and clean it out with a q-tip and wipes but I was so nervous that poking around that area would give her a UTI. It does eventually come out and it is easier to clean as they get bigger. It didn't cause any problems for my DD.
  • DD had this, it went away on it's own in about 3 weeks.  Pedi said it's from the hormones.
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  • DD had this. I finally used q-tips last night during her bath to get it out. I just got the q-tips wet and most of it came off just fine.
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  • My DD is 8wks and still has this, intially I left it because I read that there was no need but the doctor told me to use some mineral oil on a cotton ball and wipe it as commercial wipes can sometimes irriate the vagina.

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    My DD had this until about 4 weeks, the pedi said it was normal.  I did wipe it out with baby wipes though.  




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  • My daughter had this, too. I checked this thread about 5 months ago with the same question and thought I'd follow up. The discharge finally diminished when she turned 5.5 months old. I couldn't believe it lasted so long! I just cleaned the folds of the labia gently around 2 times a week, usually with a Q-tip after a bath.
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