3rd Trimester

Right sided belly pain - worried

I woke up with a sharp constant pain on my right lower abdomen.  It hurts worse when I move or take a deep breath.  No nausea, no fever.  I am 32 wks along, have had no problems so far other than the usual pregnancy annoyances.  I've been resting and drinking water all day but so far, nothing has changed.  Could it just be the ligaments stretching?  Anyone else have this kind of pain? 

Re: Right sided belly pain - worried

  • Could be just RLP. I've had weird pains come and go, hurt more when I move, etc. I don't let myself get worried unless it doesn't go away. I would probably wait it out a bit and see if it subsides. Unless it's horrible then call Dr. Keep drinking water!
  • i just had the same thing recently except i could barely walk it hurt so bad.  i called the on-call dr. and they sent me to L&D because they thought it might be a kidney infection.  turns out it was just rlp. 
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