3rd Trimester

Those not sharing baby's name.

Do you get a hard time about it?


We have told everyone it's a surprise and they haven't made a huge deal. I feel like those closest to us have been very polite and respectful. It's people we barely know or see who make comments.

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Re: Those not sharing baby's name.

  • Not too bad.  I do get a lot of "Oh, you can tell me..."  Yep, I could, but I won't.
  • My mom keeps saying "but you can tell meeeeee! I won't tell!"

    We haven't had complaints from anyone, and many say they wish they'd done that. We get more whining about us not finding out the sex than not telling the name. 


  • No, people are being pretty understanding. Some will try to guess about two names... but then they tend to get bored and let it go.
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  • We've actually told my parents and...I think my sister knows. hehe ?I mostly want to surprise my Grandmother with the name cuz I know she will think it is very special. I've had a few family members who would 'argue' with me a little for not sharing but most strangers/friends/acquaintances say they understand, or thats what they did or something like that.?
  • My closest friends and fam know the name but when strangers ask me I just tell them we don't have one yet because I got sick of hearing and seeing weird reactions.
  • Instead of telling people it's a surprise, we just say we haven't decided yet.  It avoids all the hasseling. 

    We tell everyone we will pick from a list that we are taking to the hospital.

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  • We told our family we are keeping it a surprise(they aren't really happy about it, but TOO BAD), but when strangers ask me I just say "we have a long list and haven't decided yet"... this shuts them up and I don't have to deal with the crazy remarks they might have about our secret! =)
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  • Yes, people give us a hard time. It makes me mad, because if I wanted to tell them, I would. My friends are the worse they know me too well and are trying to trick me into telling them. Our family is more understanding and the IL's don't even want to know until the baby is born. Who would have thought they would be the easiest to deal with?
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  • Nope, and that's because we haven't finalized. Sometimes I'll get people asking what we've narrowed it down to, but I don't care what their opinion is....LOL!
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  • My sister found out the sex on Baby #1 not #2. Neither child did she share the name. We just accepted the fact. You can't really be judgmental.
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  • Everyone asks us the name, and we're not sharing it with anyone.  Our families have been curious, but not mean about it.  I know it drives my mom & my mil crazy!

    With everyone else I do feel a little rude when I say we're not sharing, but we haven't been harassed too badly.

    They'll know soon enough!

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  • My mother and MIL have both driven me nuts asking about the name.  My mom has tried the old guilt trips -- "you don't love me" and "what if I die before the baby is born? You'll feel so sad you didn't tell me."  Needless to say, my mother is insane.  All she has succeeded in doing is irritating me.  My MIL, who lives in PA, spent the entire Thanksgiving weekend trying to guess the name.  Fun... my friends and strangers have been fine not knowing.

  • Yes EVERYONE was annoyed.  But I'm SO glad we waited!!
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  • We havent shared either and its the people ?I work with that are giving me the most crap about it. ?NOT YOUR DECISION.

    DH wants to tell our parents for Christmas so we made them a puzzle....we put one letter of his name on a notecard (6 letters in all that spell his name) and sent them to the parents in a card they cant open until Christmas. ?They have to figure it out :)?

  • well, EVERYONE asks the two standards" Boy or girl" Then, what the name? It's like they are just intitled to know. ha ha I just say we aren't sure yet we are narrowing it down but it's going to be a surprise - we aren't telling. No one has been rude, especially family... they've actually been really good about it.
  • I'm suprised by the number of people who ask if we're sharing th name.   It's most of the people who ask, which I think is really nice. 
  • image almostjennifer:

    Instead of telling people it's a surprise, we just say we haven't decided yet.  It avoids all the hasseling. 

    We tell everyone we will pick from a list that we are taking to the hospital.

    we do the same thing.  We're not 100% decided on a name anyway so it's not quite like we're lying to them. 

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  • We did from some people...but then we just started telling people we weren't decided yet (which turns out to be true now!). It was just easier that way.
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  • Yes, first people get annoyed that we don't know if it is a boy or girl and then a few have gotten annoyed that we won't say our names.  I don't really care what they think or if they are annoyed.  Keeping these things to ourselves is special for DH and me.
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