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Clomid lengthen your LP?

Hi ladies!  I haven't been on these boards in forever!

This is my 2nd round of Clomid (50mg on CD5-9)... last month, I'm questioning exactly when my O date was & how long my LP was.  I either O'd on CD16, giving me a 16 day LP or I O'd on CD20 with a 12 day LP.  My usual/average LP length is 12 days.  I had my progesterone checked on CD22 & it was 27.5 - so that was either 6DPO or 2DPO.

I've done some more reading about Clomid & talked to other ladies on it & I've heard that it can length your LP.

Just wondering if there are any other ladies out there on Clomid who have a longer LP because of it.

Thanks! Smile

Re: Clomid lengthen your LP?

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