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Hello there mommies,

 What formula is your baby using? My FF son is currently taking Enfamil Lipil... but he has a lot of gas. Have you had any luck with other formulas? What do you use?


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Re: Formula fed babies...

  • My DS was eventually put on Alimentum because of all the gas problems he had. Call your pedi and see what they recommend. It seems like a lot of babies have this type of gassiness problem around the 3 week mark (not an expert - just noticed it with my DS and other Moms posting). Maybe Gentlease would work for you too. But again call your pedi, don't start trying new formulas because that makes their system even worse...

    Hope that helps.

  • We've been OK with similac. Personally, I think we could do better, gas-wise, but it's not bad enough to mess with it, really. 

    And honestly, this varies so much from one kid to another. Keep good records of the gassiness and spit-ups and ask your pediatrician what would be best in your situation.

  • try the enfamil for gas and fussiness...Tori used that for awhile and was good...we recently switched to a milk based now that she is older....

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  • DS gets a mix of breastmilk and similac advance early shield and so far so good.  at some point we'll phase out the bm too.

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  • I EP, so DS gets mostly breastmilk and I supplement 1 bottle/day with Similac Advance Early Shield.
  • DS was having trouble with gas on Similac Advanced so I switched him to Sim Sensitive when he was almost 3 weeks old.  He is almost 11 weeks now and has done great on it.  It is milk based, but lactose free.  Pedi said we will switch him from it around 6 months.
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