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First Day Back

It's my first day back at work and I'm doing okay with it. Everyone keeps expecting me to cry around here, but she's at the onsite daycare today (meaning I'll get to see her at lunchtime) and my mom will be watching her the next few months, so that's helped me with being okay with it too. I'd wanted to be off until the beginning of '09, but DD came early so I'm back now. I will miss spending time with her, hearing her coo and make cute little faces, etc. but I'm okay with being away from her for a little while too. Did anyone else not feel bad about going back to work?

Re: First Day Back

  • At least these are short weeks with the holidays and all.  Hang in there, it's tough but get's easier.  Sounds like you have a good situation.
  • This sounds bad but I wish I went back to work.  I love my DS but I'm not a big fan of being a SAHM.  I don't think there is anything wrong with being okay with going back, you know she is in good hands so you have your bases covered.
  • I was ok week one of being back. I am now on week 3 of being back and I just keep thinking how much time im NOT spending with her everyday. It is so hard. By the time I get home I dont have a lot of time with her. Then we we go out to eat with family everyone wants a piece of her and I get nothing :( I hope things stay ok with your being back at work. BTW your DD is so pretty!
  • I am about to go back on the 29th and I am excited to be making some of my own green since Oct. I am glad you the onsite daycare. At least she is physically close. I am also excited to have some time to myself each day. My job is pretty low stress so it will help give me some quiet time. Enjoy the adult time while you have it. I know I will.

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