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Hi all:

 I've posted this in two different places, since it's an unusual case.  I've been lurking since I found out I was pregnant; I am now 10 weeks and I have a threatened abortion.  I had a first ultrasound at 7 weeks (I was out of the country when I found out I was pregnant).  At that time they noticed two different sacs, one with a heartbeat, the other was empty, they said it was more than likely a twin gestation with the unfortunate demise of one.  So both good and sad news :).

The other one is growing and everything looks good, but I have been bleeding, it goes from dark brown to bright red and back.  When it's bright red it's heavy and then it decreases over time.  Sometimes I pass clots other times I don't.  My doctor believes my body has miscarried /passing one but the other one is hanging in there, but the chances of keeping the other one are 50/50 right now.  I'm cramping and bleeding now.  I'm on pelvic and moderate bed rest.  Has anyone out there ever had this happen?  If so what were your symptons?  Thanks for your help /advice :)

Re: Vanishing Twin

  • Hi Hon - I actually had this happen with this pregnancy.  We found out we had two sacs, and then shortly thereafter that one was not developing.  I spotted/cramped for a couple of weeks after, but all is well now with the other baby.

    It's a rough patch, because on the one hand, you have one healthy baby, but on the other, you greive for the one you lost.

  • this probably won't help at all...but i had vanishing twin.  almost exactly the same as your 1st paragraph...we saw 2 sacs at our 1st u/s but only 1 HB. we went back a week later and only the one sac had grown while the other was the exact same size with no HB. 

    however, i didn't have any bleeding, cramping, or spotting.  at my 3rd u/s there was no sign of the 2nd sac and they just told me that my body had reabsorbed the sac which would have no detrimental effect.  i am now going strong in my 16th week so maybe you will have the same luck?  i'll be sending you good "baby growing" thoughts!

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  • Interestingly enough, when I had my daughter 15 years ago, she had a "double placenta", which in the years since, we found out could also have been caused by a vanishing twin. 
  • This happened to me, too. I had 2 sacs, but one was empty. They said it was no big deal and that it would pass, I'd probably bleed, and then it would be absorbed. It still hadn't happened up until my last u/s 2 weeks ago, but they said it was fine. I'm sorry you are going through this, but I'm sure everything with the other baby will be just fine. Keep positive.
  • No advice but big :: hugs ::

    Hope developing baby stays put and healthy!  Sorry for your loss.

    -- Jackie
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  • Thanks everyone, it comforting to know your stories of success :).  Our little one is hanging in there, but I have what they believe to be a subchorionic hematoma surrounding it.  :(  Trying to stay positive, but the bleeding and cramping have not subsided, seems to be getting worse.  Thanks again for your happy thoughts :).
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