2nd Trimester

Ok all you animal Mammas

Is any one concerned with the way your furbaby may react when you bring hom ethe new bundle of joy???


I'm not so concerned with my cats or our 8 month old lab but the 4 year old Choodle(Chuwawa Poodle) is a whole nother storey. He is such a mama's boy. If I'm home he is next to/on me and doesn't really do well with children. DH

Re: Ok all you animal Mammas

  • I'm not worried.  My dogs are female, very gentle, and have mothering instincts.  One of them is constantly trying to snuggle with my belly, so I'm sure she knows and is ready.  The other doesn't care so much, but she is also very gentle and tolerant so I don't have any concerns.  I'm very lucky!  I'd hate to think of having to give one of them up if they couldn't adjust. Don't know if I would, even. 
  • I have 2 male huskies.  They tend to ignore other people's children and infants.  I'm just worried about the way they run back and forth and jump around.  For me it will take extra attention to the baby.  For example, I'll have to lock the dogs out of the bedroom while I shower so they can't jump around the baby. 

     I have heard that practicing with a baby doll helps.  Try that.  Also, make sure you do still give your dogs attention when you can.  I'm sure you'll do just fine and all your babies, human or not, will still love you and all get along.  Good luck.

  • I have a 1 year old puppy (terrier/pug mix) who is attached to my hip!  i'm more curious than concerned.  I HOPE she does well...i'm sure she'll be jealous for a bit, but hopefully it all works itself out.
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