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Content after feedings?

Is your baby content after he/she eats? ?Aiden is bf, but he seems so fussy after he eats. ?I wonder if he has a sensitivity to something in my milk. ?


Re: Content after feedings?

  • or if he's getting enough. ?I had this happen before with my DS. ?Found out that he was not full.
  • In the first month, DD was the same way, because like pp I don't think she was getting enough... Once I started pumping though (and eventually ff) and I could fill those bottles up, she's always been really happy after eating! (I'm not suggeting people should pump for that reason if they don't want to, but that's just what I needed to do, but DD was a very big girl right off the bat! ;)
  • I was having the same problem with my son about a week ago. My mom and sister (who BF successfully) suggested to keep nursing him and letting him up your milk production. I think he was just growing and needed more and I needed more stimulation to produce more milk. I wasn't initially thrilled to nurse more and longer, but it really does work. Good Luck!
  • Yes.  We are FF now, but when I BF, she would always fall asleep at the breast.
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