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maternity jeans/pants

so, i'm obviously not showing/ready to wear them yet, but the gap by my house has a sale on maternity jeans right now, and i have a coupon, so i was thinking about getting some. problem: i have no idea what kind to get. anybody know what style is supposed to be the most comfortable? all these panels and crap confuse me! tia

Re: maternity jeans/pants

  • I don't know about GAP, but Pea in the Pod has the best maternity jeans/pants, and motherhood does also. I already started looking (i'm not showing at all yet either, but just interested to see what I want) and I found that Mimi Maternity jeans are the best!!! Good luck!Big Smile

  • I think you kind of just have to go and try them on.  A lot of girls swear by the full panel secret belly fit (available on the motherhood brands), but as of right now, I don't really like it.

  • I really like full panels - I know not everyone does.  You can fold down the panel if you don't want it up as high.  I have a couple of pairs of Motherhood pants and jeans, some Liz Lange maternity pants and a pair of Mavi maternity jeans.  Love them all!
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  • I prefer demi panel jeans and full panel is ok. I hate roll panel, they slide down on me all the time.
  • The ones I like the most are the secret fit.(full nylon panel) from PITP (Seven for all Mankind) I had a pair of mat Gap capris and gave them away, they were always falling down and the crotch was was to long. I like low rise w/ the demi panel too. If they have any no panel those are okay. they remind me of my DD's adjustable waist pants. W/ my first pg I never wore mat pants, I got Gap long and lean stretch (super low rise) and wore them under my belly 2 sizes bigger. HTH.
  • oh PS...I lived inVegas when pg w/ #1. there are motherhood outlets at Belz and at the Premium Outlets (15 and charleston) thats where i got my seven for all mankind mat pants for $89....super good deal!
  • My friend told me to get a belly band it is like a tube top but you ware it around your belly. You ware your regular pants but don't button them then you put the belly band on and it looks like you are layering shirts. I have not tried it yet but i think it would work.

  • Its very personal, you will want to just try them on, you can tell right away I think what is most comfy. I wore maternity pants at 9 weeks (not jeans thogh beucase they are so tick, but slacks etc) and found it very comfy. I already can't button my jeans (they arn't low rise) but my work slacks are okay for now. It's GOOD to get maternity pants earlier on, because then you can wear those AFTER you give birth when you don't want to spend money on extra large clothing you wont wear ever again. I wore my smaller maternity clothing after my first one and was happy to have it. The stuff you get near the end well your HUGE and it would fall off after!
  • To be honest, I would wait.  You have no idea how your body will or will not change.  Even if you make room for the belly when guessing, your body just shifts and changes in general.  There are always sales at Gap- I would wait until you need them!
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