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Reflux - how did you know?

I'm sure this has been posted before, so sorry if this is a repeat.  For those who have DC with reflux, what were the symptoms? For the past week, my 8 wk  old DD has been spitting up what seems to be her whole feeding and even an hour later she will be spitting up again what looks like curdled milk.  Tonight she was sleeping after being fed and started screaming after no apparent reason, but once picked up she was fine.  I asked the pedi nurse about this and she didn't seem to have an answer.  She has her 2 mo. check up on Tuesday so I'll ask more about it then, but wondered what your experience was with it. TIA!!

Re: Reflux - how did you know?

  • Screaming.  She did not actually spit up.  Just alot of screaming that got better when she was upright.
  • after reading this post and remembering seeing others I just went online to research.  DD's pedi said she has colic but I've been skeptical.  To me she's really not that bad and she's ALWAYS spitting up.  Now I'm wondering why reflux was never mentioned by her pedi...
  • DS has reflux. Things I mentioned to the doc that I think led her to believe it was reflux too were: screaming after feeds, arching back in pain, throwing up between one feed and the next starting after feed to be a thin, milky consistency to cottage-cheese like texture before the next feed. Felt better upright.

     Was given 5 mg twice a day of Zantac antacid, which did nothing, then switched to (not sure dose) of Prevacid now, which seems to be much better. Still throws up, but not in as much pain. DS is now 4 months and the combo of the new drug and just eating better and keeping it down better seem to have made all the difference. Ate every hour when first home from hospital but now makes 3 to 4 hours at night and 2 to 3 hours during the day. Throws up quite a bit still (not like before though) but often just keeps on smiling, eating, whatever.

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