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losing the belly

my mother and hubby are nagging me about losing the fat around my belly after birth.  when did you lose the belly and what did you do, i.e. exercise or stomach wrap/brace? i am at 3 months pp tommorow. TIA

Re: losing the belly

  • um if my mother and H told me to lose the fat around my belly I would kindly tell them to drink a big glass of STFU.....

    I didn't lose the "fat" yet... so  don't know

  • i would tell them to mind their own da&mn business. if you want to lose it for you and no one else, i suggest jogging and pilates
  • I agree with PP, tell them to shut it.  Everyone's bodies are different so I wouldn't say there's a magical time to have your pre-preg weight back, but just tell them it took nine months to put it on so you should be granted that much time to take it back off.
  • I'm 2 months pp and am just starting pilates. I still have my belly, hips, fat arms, etc.

     My DH and mother would never, ever bring it up though and certainly not nag me about it. I don't know if they are but don't let them make you feel shitty about yourself. You just had a baby.

  • Thanks, I feel soo much better with all of your responses.  :)
  • Wow...if my husband  and my mother were doing that, I would probably tell them that they could go live together. Then I would kick them in the shins. What an awful thing to do someone who has just had a baby.

    Anyway, after the violence died down, I would probably do cardio and yoga classes :)

    This makes me mad for you!

  • First, I'd tell them to back off and STFU.

    As for losing weight, I started counting calories and writing down everything I ate. I've limited myself to 1500 calories a day. I cut out most fast food and I was also able to start taking a mom & baby yoga class. I started my "diet" (It's not really a diet, more of a change in the way I eat) on Sept 7. In the 3 months I've been doing this, I'm down 20 lbs. A total of 30 lbs since I had DD 5 months ago. It's slow going since I'm not doing any exercise, but it's steady and I can see real results, so I'm keeping it up. Good luck!


  • I have heard that it is 9 months on and 9 months off. If you're taking your kid to kindergarden and you are still the same size then maybe you could do something, but do what you like and tell them to kiss your foot!
  • Time to tell some nosy family to STFU and mind their own business.

    I run and do pilates or Tae Bo regularly.  I weigh 25 pounds UNDER my pre preg weight and I STILL have a belly.  It took 9 months to get it there, and I am sure it will be that long to get it off of there.   Just try to exercise and eat sensibly.  It will come off.  The filter between your brain and mouth is much stronger than mine.  I would have put some peeps in their proper place.

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  • Ditto Daniela.  I'm 2 mos pp and still working on the belly.  I see a personal trainer once a week, swim twice a week, run twice a week (or rather, jog very, very slowly for an embarrassingly short distance) and do my PT's workout alone one day a week.  I've also made it clear to DH that when I get back to my pre-pg weight, I'm going on a ridiculously expensive shopping spree to reward myself.  I have 16 pounds to go.  Cheers!
  • I am 5 pounds under my pre-preg weight, but still have some belly flab...I think the body just shifts the weight around after pregnancy! Hoping some Tae-bo will get rid of it
  • I'm at my pre-preg weight and still have the belly and hips.  My pants are all 2-3 sizes too small.  My mom also told me to start exercising to lose the belly.  I just laughed at her.  H would never dare.
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  • OMG, they need to can it.  It's completely and totally ridiculous for them to expect you to have no belly at this point, nor is it their business to tell you how your body should look.


    BAAAAAAAAARF.  Tell them to STFU and get a life.

  • I agree, I'd knock some sense into them for getting on to you about the weight! I have been taking vigorous walks daily and eating extremely healthy and although, I'm considered skinny, I still have a nice floppy belly (and booty).
  • tell them that you will worry about your waist line when they worry about finding some fvcking class.  douches.
  • image Daniela79:

    um if my mother and H told me to lose the fat around my belly I would kindly tell them to drink a big glass of STFU.....


  • image Daniela79:

    um if my mother and H told me to lose the fat around my belly I would kindly tell them to drink a big glass of STFU.....

    I didn't lose the "fat" yet... so  don't know

    I agree with this! You are 3 mo. pp, wtf are they expecting? Supermodel status?

    I'm almost 5 mo. pp, and I still have a belly. And A$$. And thighs like what. And you know what, I workin' it for the time being. I hate it, but i'm not going to wake up tomorrow and be back in the 4's.

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  • Um, first of all I would tell your mother and hubby where to shove it.  That is beyond rude in my opinion.

    But, to answer your question, I am 4 months pp and I haven't done a lick of exercise except taking walks with him and BF.  I am 5 lbs under my pre-pg weight at this point, but I definitely still have a "muffin top."  My doc told me at my 6 week pp not to go crazy with crunches and stuff bc it took your skin about 6 months or to regain its elasticity so working out a lot wouldn't tighten you up as much as you wanted. 

    Frankly I've been too busy with the baby and other things to think much about working out, but DH and I are both going to join a gym after the holidays.  I'm going to try to lose the belly but its not a huge deal to me....I had a baby and I'm proud of that.  If I have a little extra flab around the middle then so be it, its part of my "badge of honor" as a mommy....or something like that.  I'd rather have that than be heavier in the face...that is where I would really like to lose weight (and where I see it in pics.)




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  • I weigh less than I ever have from bf I think BUT my belly is still huge.  I have to wait for my big ap separation to heal first before I do ab stuff.  yuck.

  • thanks for the reponses, i enjoyed them very much. :)
  • Don't go with the wrap/belt as a long term solution - they actually weaken ab muscles b/c your body learns to rely on the wrap/belt for core support if they're worn too long. Best bet is exercise when given the ok by your Dr. . . not your fam!
  • I didnt do anything because i breastfeed but i lost the weight pretty quickly. I think that in less than a month i was already using my clothes. Everybody asks me if i am excercising but i am not. Breastfeeding alone was enough. I think its very rude that your DH and your mom are telling you to loose the weight!
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