Clomid and Femara-is there a difference?

I have my first RE visit on Wednesday and just got off the phone with my insurance company and Femara is covered and Clomid is not. ?Is there a difference?

I do have military insurance until the end of the year so I could get Clomid that way if the doc thinks it will work better.

I conceived my daughter the month before we were starting on Clomid so this is all new to me.?

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Re: Clomid and Femara-is there a difference?

  • Ultimately, Clomid and Femara do the same thing, help you produce follicles.  However, Femara is supposed to have fewer side effects than Clomid.  My RE prefers Femara so that's what I've always taken. 

  • I've only taken clomid so far, but from what I have heard Femara is actually much better in terms of side effects and such. Clomid is a *** and I don't ever want ot take it again. I'm hoping to start Femara, if need be, in January.
  • After being on Clomid for 10 cycles (yes, you read that correctly!) I asked my RE about Femara.  Basically because of the success, and little s/e, with people on here.  He said Femara is for those with PCOS and it wouldn't be ideal for me since I don't have it.  He had me do another round of Clomid, and after that BFN we moved onto injectibles this cycle.

    HTH, Sara

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  • In reality, Femera is a breast cancer drug, so for infertility you are going to be using it off label, so it is covered since it is a cancer drug. Same thing goes for Metformin, while it is helps pcos ladies, it is really a diabetic drug.
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  • Thanks! ?PCOS is my infertility issue so it is looking like Femara is the way to go.
    Momma to 2 sweet girls here on earth and a precious baby boy in heaven
  • I've been on both and hated clomid.  Took it for 3 months when TTC #1 and the side effects were terrible.  I had to quit or risk losing my mind and my marriage.  Fortunately I got pg using acupuncture shortly after that.  TTC#2 I didn't want to go back on clomid, so we tried femara.  So far not pg, but the side effects are basically non existent for me.  Much better.

     Good Luck!

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