IUI #2 part 1 done & IVF update

Well I thought I got a + OPK last night, so we went in today for part one of our B2B IUIs. I think the real positive was today though. But I think it will be ok since we are going in again tomorrow. I hope I'll ovulate sometime tonight or tomorrow.

The count was only 3.1 mil post wash (2.5 days abstaining). :( Last time is was 5.1. I was happy with over 5. I know I shouldn't expect much since my DHs counts are pretty low and we are just doing the IUIs while waiting to start IVF.

 I'm so worried that his counts will be even lower with just 24 hours between. WDYT? Does anyone have experience with this?

I also found out that if this cycle fails, I will start BCPs for IVF in a little over 2 weeks! I'm so nervous but also excited. If everything goes as planned, ER & ET should be at the very end of Jan/early Feb. We'll be ordering all my meds in a few weeks. Anyone doing IVF around then too?

Re: IUI #2 part 1 done & IVF update

  • Knowing when you are starting IVF is such a relief!  I hope you don't need it though!

    I don't have any good news for you on the count front.  We did b2b IUIs a few months ago and his first count was 5 mil post wash and the second was around 3 mil post wash.

    Daycare is SO exhausting!
  • I don't have experience with B2B IUI but wanted to wish you good luck so you don't need to go to IVF. ?
    Beautiful Miracle Baby lost at 21 weeks due to pre-term labor and incompetent cervix. FET#1 BFN, FET#2 BFP, early loss. FET#3 BFN. IVF#2 BFFN. FET #4 BFP after removing bilateral hydrosalpinx and 3 months of lupron depot. Sticky Bun is here!! Image and video hosting by TinyPic Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Good luck!  If you do move on to IVF, we'll be cycle buddies.  My next ER is estimated for Jan. 31. 
  • We just did IUI #1 last Weds and found out that my hubby has low count and motility.  I did acupuncture with TTC #1 and now again with #2.  My fertility doc was disappointed in hubby's sperm count, but my acupuncturist said he'd put him on some herbs and it would dramatically increase before our next IUI if it comes to that.  I'm hoping that the IUI combined with the acupuncture treatments worked this time around, but I won't know for awhile.  Good luck to you!!!

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