1st Trimester

wish me luck this weekend....long :(

So I think were telling the parent this weekend.. Im 12 weekes almost in my sec trimester so i think its time. My problem is me a bf r not married and my family so worried what everyone thinks.. I had my daughter when I was 22 not married and realived here dad was a loser so we split up. My mom didnt talk to me for almost 5 months well in labor wont stop saying  u better not do this again.. We never had a good realtionship.. BUt of course they love my daughter and would do anything for her...

Know second time around i get pregnant again not married.. But i have the most amazing bf who was one of my bff for the longest time and we have been together for almost a year and a half and is so supportive.. This has been so hard and im so scared to tell my family even though im 28 years old full grown adult.

Sorry so long just haven a really hard time with this.. Just wish me luck!!!  



Re: wish me luck this weekend....long :(

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