How do I resize photo for craigslist?

I have never resized a photo before.  If I try to upload to a site, and it's too big, I just forget it. But, I need to get these uploaded b/c I'm selling some home decor items on craigslist.  I don't know what program to use or anything.


Re: How do I resize photo for craigslist?

  • I upload them to photobucket and reduce them to medium sized.  Then I click file-save as on my computer and put them in a folder.
  • If you go on's site you can search for a photo resizer.  It's a free download.  Once you have it installed (takes like a minute or two), you can just right click on any photo on your computer and click 'resize picture'.  It'll give you the option to resize to small, medium, large and extra large and will even give you screen sizes.  It's a HUGE help.

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