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Intoducing solids

I am so confused on how to start solids.  Do I give DD the same amount of milk and bottles as normal?  Do I give her cereal first?  When in the day does she get cereal?  Please help!

Re: Intoducing solids

  • I haven't started solids yet, I'm just in the beginning information gathering stages but there is a lot of good information on and
  • yes same, amount in bottles as before. I started giving it to him at night when we would eat dinner. Now he gets cereal in the morning after a nap and a veggies at night when we have dinner.
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  • This is our first week.  I have been giving DD 2 tblsp of rice cereal thinned out with 3-4 oz of breast milk every evening around 5PM.  I made the mistake of trying to feed her closer to her bed time one evening and suffered a sleepless night.  

    Next week I plan to introduce a fruit.  We are starting very slow.  So far she is nursing as much as she did before.

  • Our pedi said we could start at our 4 month appt, but I waited a couple weeks b/c I was trying to wean to formula. Anyway, we started rice cereal Monday. She gets  a little rice cereal in the morning and in the evening around 6. She still takes her normal bottles. I haven't worked out whether to feed the bottle first, wait an hour or so and then do cereal or what, but my mom watches her during the day and gives it all to her basically at the same time. Sometimes she doesn't finish the bottle b/c the cereal fills her up and she'll take it a little later. I think we'll try some fruit/veggies soon, but I don't want to move too fast. I've been a little frustrated b/c there isn't a clear way to start solids, but I just read up, asked pedi advice, got advice from family and friends and went from there. I don't think there is a right or wrong way since everyone's child and situation is different. My pedi was real nonchalant about it, so I guess it's not as big of a deal as we might make it sometimes.
  • DS gets the same amount of bm as before.  We follow our pedi's instructions for introducing everything.  We started by feeding him rice cereal at night while we ate dinner for the first month (four months old).  Now he eats oatmeal in the morning during his first feeding at daycare (five months old).  He gets to start yellow veggies tomorrow (five and a half months old) and then we can add green veggies after he gets through all the yellow and then fruit after that.  :)
  • My Pedi was also really nonchalant about it.  I felt really lost (still sort of do).  We are just starting slow.
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