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I wake up around 5:00 in the morning, take dd to sitter, at work by 7:30, leave work 3:30, pick up dd, home by 5:00, put dd to bed at 7:30 and go to bed myself after washing bottles and getting everything ready for the next day, at 9:00.  I pump only around 5 times every day.  The problem is I am consantly EXHAUSTED!  Is this normal?  Does it ever get better?  Is it because of the pumping or my schedule?  Please help before I fall asleep right now!Sleep

Re: tired

  • Oh My! I feel your pain. That is a very hectic schedule.
    The pumping might be adding to your tiredness and yes, it is normal.
    I have read (sorry dont remember the name of the article) that pumping 4ozs is equivalent to walking one mile. That's why you burn so much calories and get so tired the more you pump.

    How old is your DC? Are you open to supplementing with formula to cut down on your pumping sessions?

    Good luck and you are a great Mom! :)

  • My dd is almost 5 months old.  I really don't want to use formula as an effort to save money and burning calories is a plus.  I just need to find more energy.
  • I'm no help - I've been exhausted since my son was born and I didn't BF or pump much.  I just drink coffee to get through....  there's never enough hours to sleep :)
  • This is only my first week back at work, but I am absolutely beat. 
  • I feel your pain, too! I'm only on my first week back and am SOOO exhausted. Are you a teacher? (your hours are like mine - up really early but out of work a little earlier than the 9-5 crowd). Hopefully we can find some more energy somewhere! (I pump 4x a day - 8am, 11am, 3pm and 2am and feed DD 3x a day 6am, 4:30pm and 8pm). It's exhausting!
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